Saturday, April 18
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
COUSIN RICKY Mar 19 SA 6 1:12.1H M FT       C+   
Broke far in front of barnmate Big Move was asked along late holding sway but was trying best in a slower than given 24.2, 113.4. Better needed.---Grade: C+
COUSIN RICKY Mar 11 SA 6 1:12.4H M FT       C+   
Held sway over barnmate Big Move but was set down and let through the lane in 48.1, 113.0. Like to see an outing off the break.---Grade: C+
RELENTLESS HEAT Mar 8 SA 4 :50.4H M FT    B-      
Stretched legs in the dark for Spawr moving smoothly to the line. Seems a fit.---Grade: B-
EL VAGURO Apr 10 SA 3 :39.3H M FT       C   
Never got much going here in this slow spin going 39.4 while controlled home for Breuer.---Grade: C
DRESS CODE Apr 13 SA 4 :47.4H M FT    B-      
In his usual blinkers with an extension on the right cup going 23.3, 47.4 while clear from a Belvoir trainee.----Grade: B-
COOK INLET Apr 11 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C   
Not fluid late while asked some in 36.0, 101.1. Not in good form; Kayla up.---Grade: C
COOK INLET Apr 4 LA 5 100.1H M FT       C+   
Close behind Triunfo & Warren's Tea Party FQ 23.2, stayed at the rail to draw even mid-stretch finishing under strong urging to the wire in 100.1.---Grade: C+
COOK INLET Mar 12 LA 5 101.2H M FT       C+   
Moved along decently going off in 24.1 but came home under a brisk hand ride with little to offer late in 101.2.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SHAKEITUPBETTY Apr 10 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B-      
On own speed in this solo spin for Kruljac. Seems to be moving along fine out of last.---Grade: B-
SHAKEITUPBETTY Mar 12 SA 4 :51.2H M FT       C+   
Never got much going over the dirt in this slowish spin for Kruljac. Hoping for more energy.---Grade: C+
D'YA KNOWWHATIMEAN Apr 13 SA 4 :49.4HG M FT    B-      
Breezed with Pedroza up going slowly but was always under wraps in 25.2, 37.0 galloping out in 49.0 out again in 102.2. Looks fit and happy off the break.---Grade: B-
D'YA KNOWWHATIMEAN Apr 7 SA 6 1:14H M FT    B-      
Tracked and kicked away from a mate in this smooth looking spin going 49.4, 114.0 out to the 7f pole in 127.1. Comebacker looks fit enough; Pedroza up.---Grade: B-
BLUSHING ANGEL Apr 14 SA 3 :36.2H M FT    B      
Tight hold in this smooth blowout for the Baltas barn coming to the wire with her ears pricked.---Grade: B
BLUSHING ANGEL Apr 2 SA 5 1:00.4HG M FT    B      
Breezed home in this gate spin never let run by Drayden in this happy solo move.---Grade: B
BLUSHING ANGEL Mar 27 SA 6 1:13.3H M FT    B+      
Full of run late with Drayden aboard extending himself in 49.2, 113.2 out in 126.0. Comes back running.---Grade: B+
BIG BREAK Apr 5 SA 4 :48.2H M FT       C+   
Still just ok roused along in this solo 1/2 mile drill for Knapp. Last 3f in 36.3.---Grade: C+
BIG BREAK Mar 4 SA 4 :48.2H M FT       C+   
Head up late while asked along inside the furlong pole. No change detected.---Grade: C+
SWISSARELLA Apr 7 SA 5 :59.4H M FT    B-      
Moved up on barnmate All For Charity clearly best in 35.4, 59.3. Seems the same out of win.---Grade: B-
SWISSARELLA Mar 6 SA 5 :59.4H M FT       C+   
Tried best in this solo roused along in 100.2. Easier needed.---Grade: C+
COURAGEOUS CALL Apr 10 SA 5 1:00.2HG M FT    B      
Broke fine, settled down the backside then came home within herself in 24.2, 48.1, 100.3. Holding edge well out last.---Grade: B
COURAGEOUS CALL Mar 13 SA 5 1:01.1HG M FT    B-      
Broke fine then tooled around the track without ask for Ellis. Holding recent.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
TWELVE FOLDS Apr 4 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Legs stretcher in this solo spin for West. Holding course.---Grade: B-
TWELVE FOLDS Mar 15 SA 4 :49.4H M FT    B-      
Leg stretcher in 24.4, 49.4. Seems the same.---Grade: B-
SHOPPING SAVANNAH Mar 14 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Easy spin off the claim for Chew moving smoothly to the line. Appears the same.---Grade: B-
SENSATIONAL NIKKI Apr 9 SA 6 1:13.3H M FT       C+   
Slowed late under some pressure in this modest looking spin in 48.1, 114.0. Should be showing better by now.---Grade: C+
MOSCATO GIRL Mar 20 SA 4 :47.2H M FT       C+   
Got there under steady nursing in this early morning spin in 23.1, 47.3. Inclined to see livelier.---Grade: C+
MOSCATO GIRL Mar 15 SA 4 :49.4H M FT       C+   
Herky-jerky side home in 25.0, 49.4. More zip mandatory.---Grade: C+
PAY THE DEBT Mar 13 SA 3 :37.1H M FT       C+   
Let run some in this short solo drill for Sherlock. No change noted.---Grade: C+
SALLYANA Mar 15 LA 3 37.1H M FT    B-      
Was allowed to do it on her own to the wire in 37.1 with the rider just guiding her out around the turn pulling up in 50.2.---Grade: B-
PEPPY BOLLY Apr 14 SA 3 :36.1H M FT    B-      
Seems happy enough working this short spin on her own courage for Carava.---Grade: B-
PEPPY BOLLY Mar 7 SA 3 :36.3H M FT    B-      
Easy blowout for Cavava moving within herself to the line. Holding fitness level.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
ANYTIME ANYPLACE Apr 11 SA 5 :59.3H M FT    B-      
Willing finish with barnmate Market Order, last 4f in 47.2. Holding speed.---Grade: B-
PAPACOOLPAPACOOL Apr 12 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B      
Breezed a full 6f in 37.1, 101.2, 113.4 looking much the best over barnmate Ipray. Sharp as a pin.---Grade: B
PAPACOOLPAPACOOL Mar 14 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B      
Good rush with Nowalking light hold to the line in this spin for D'Amato.---Grade: B
PERFECT TEMPTATION Apr 10 SA 6 1:16H M FT       C+   
Nursed along with barnmate Passinaflash asked a bit around the turn in 38.3, 103.3, 116.3. Will have to step it up.---Grade: C+
HERO TEN ALL Apr 11 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B      
Tight hold with Tyler up moving smoothly over the turf for Mullins in 37.1, 101.1. Looks happy on the turf.---Grade: B
ROCKIN ROBIN Apr 13 SA 4 :49.3H M FT       C+   
Never got much going with Tyler up in 24.3, 49.3. Hoping for better.---Grade: C+
ROCKIN ROBIN Apr 7 SA 4 :50.2H M FT       C+   
Let run some here going the last 3f in 37.3. Like to see some racing with winners.---Grade: C+
ROCKIN ROBIN Mar 19 SA 6 1:13.1H M FT    B      
Ran away from the Truman trainee Dissension geared down late in 48.0, 113.2. Going well; Tyler aboard.---Grade: B
PRETENTIOUS Apr 14 SA 5 1:00H M FT       C+   
Slower than given in 13.3, 36.3, 101.2 workmanlike to the line while let run a bit on the wire. Maiden would have to show better than this spin.---Grade: C+
PRETENTIOUS Mar 19 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT       C+   
Struggled some late in this solo drill rider down in the saddle to the line for Cassidy.---Grade: C+
ERNEST SHACKLETON Apr 10 SA 6 1:15.3H M FT       C+   
In ear muffs; under some pressure on the turn inside a mate dropping away under pressure in 37.2, 103.0, 116.3. May be better on the turf but this was not an encouraging drill.---Grade: C+
ERNEST SHACKLETON Mar 13 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT       C+   
Willing while asked along inside a barnmate going around the bend in 49.3, 102.1. Like to see a step up.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
I'M POPEYE Apr 5 SA 4 :47.1HG M FT    B      
Sharp out off the claim adding blinkers for this speedy and sharp spin going 23.3, 34.3, 47.0. Stepping forward.---Grade: B
I'M POPEYE Mar 22 SA 4 :48.2H M FT    B-      
Workmanlike maintaince drill going the last 3f in 36.3. Seems the same.---Grade: B-
TOP ESTATE Mar 15 LA 4 50H M FT       C+   
Outside of Lorinda finished well clear of struggling mate while way out in the middle of the track in 50.---Grade: C+
BELIEVE TOO Apr 9 SA 5 :59.3H M FT    B      
Moved up with some late energy finishing with purpose for Baltas. Moving forward.---Grade: B
BELIEVE TOO Mar 11 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B      
Matched strides with decent barnmate magna Rex responding well while going heads up through a 35.3 final 3f. Still a willing worker.---Grade: B
PRICE OF GLORY Apr 6 SA 4 :46.1H M FT       C+   
Flew early with Tyler Baze up in 21.4 (!) but that was about it, drifting late while let out in 46.2. Not as good as clocking might suggest.---Grade: C+
PRICE OF GLORY Mar 21 SA 4 :50.1H M FT       C   
Was leaning out through the lane controlled some by the rider through the lane. Class drop needs to be on the agenda for this one.---Grade: C
DR. VINCENTSTEIN Apr 7 SA 4 :47.2H M FT       C+   
Last 3f in 35.2 looking just ok late while asked for best while getting caught by a barnmate for Cerin. Hoping for an easier drill.---Grade: C+
DOMINGO CAT Apr 8 LA 4 46.4H M FT    B      
Went off fast with Classic Gent first eighth 11.4, moving best coming away at wire in 46.4, galloped out in 100.3. Holding form.---Grade: B
DOMINGO CAT Mar 6 SA 5 1:00.1H M FT    B      
Good spark moving up a mate going the last 4f in 35.1, 47.2. Comes back on his toes.---Grade: B
ONE MORE ROLL Mar 25 LA 5 102.2H M FT    B-      
Turned in an even 5f in 102.2, going off in 25.1, continuing steady the last 3f in 37.1. Seems fine since last.---Grade: B-
ONE MORE ROLL Mar 14 LA 4 47.3H M FT    B-      
Solo drill showing off some speed here zipping a sharp half in 47.3. Okay for this type.---Grade: B-
ENGLISH ART Mar 19 LA 4 48.3H M FT       C+   
Solo drill for this high headed sort posting a decent time of 48.3 working to the wire.---Grade: C+
ENGLISH ART Mar 12 LA 4 51.4H M FT       C+   
Didnít make a good appearance on the track this morning, hot & washy never comfortable in 51.4.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
RESTRIKE Apr 9 SA 6 1:13.2HG M FT       C+   
No early speed with barnmate Book Thirty Four in 24.3 early tad the second best late in 48.2, 113.2. Looks like a down the line sort.---Grade: C+
RESTRIKE Apr 1 LA 5 59.3HG M FT    B-      
Came from the gate with Seve's Road (112.1) posting splits of 35.1 & 46.4, hand ridden into the lane pulled up 59.3.---Grade: B-
RESTRIKE Mar 25 LA 5 59.4HG M FT    B-      
Moving well outside of Hired Gun from the gate splits of 35.1 & 47.2, then was asked late finishing even in 59.4.---Grade: B-
J SERINO Apr 9 SA 5 1:03.3H M FT    B-      
Much faster than given in 34.0, 59.4 not really leveling late but did gallop willingly. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but inching towards something.----Grade: B-
WAR DESTINY Apr 13 SA 4 :47H M FT    B      
Added blinkers and turned in an improved spin pulling all the way in 23.1, 47.0. Still trying to find his place; maybe the blinkers woke him up.---Grade: B
WAR DESTINY Mar 28 SA 5 :58.3H M FT    B      
Last 4f in a fast 22.4, 46.4 trying hard late while asked a bit late. Should be happy to see the turf.---Grade: B
L 'S CHOICE Apr 11 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT       C+   
Steady spin finishing with something left for Eurton in 36.4, 101.2 There is something here and should love going long; but seems to need an outing. Blanc up.---Grade: C+
L 'S CHOICE Mar 28 SA 5 1:01.1HG M FT       C+   
Clear from a modest mate in this gate spin going the last 4f in 36.2, 48.4. Should do down the line.---Grade: C+
FOREST BLUE Apr 2 SA 6 1:12.3H M FT       C+   
Pulled early while chasing Sensational Nikki unable to catch that one under pressure while lifting head late, last 5f in 35.2, 100.3. Better late is needed; Pedroza up.---Grade: C+
FOREST BLUE Mar 26 SA 5 1:00.3HG M FT       C+   
Changed leads late in this team spin inside Fight Thru asked out for Miller in 24.1, 47.0, 101.0. More finish.---Grade: C+
MAGNA REX Apr 11 SA 5 1:01HG M FT    B      
Breezed best over Wild Phoebe in this gate spin in 24.2, 48.0 (up there) out in 100.4. Looks sharp off the layoff.---Grade: B
MAGNA REX Mar 29 SA 6 1:14H M FT    B      
Garcia up; roused late responding well in 49.3, 113.2 (23.4 LQ) out in 127.2. Improved off the break.---Grade: B
SOUTHERN LOYALTY Apr 11 SA 5 :58H M FT    B+      
Big speed making up a ton of ground on barnmate Trelawny in a speedy 57.3. Has really looked good lately.----Grade: B+
SOUTHERN LOYALTY Mar 28 SA 5 :58.4H M FT    B+      
Good looking rush moving up on barnmate Templar in 35.0, 59.1. Strong looking rush.---Grade: B+
BARBARY COAST Apr 13 SA 4 :48H M FT       C+   
Has the last 1/4 mile in 25.1 clearly trying to get out near the line for Hess. Not stepping forward.---Grade: C+
BARBARY COAST Mar 29 SA 3 :33.4H M FT    B-      
Energetic all the way with Kent aboard, rider down in the saddle to the line for Hess. May show more speed.---Grade: B-
BARBARY COAST Mar 21 SA 5 1:01HG M FT    B-      
Desormeaux up; broke fine was rated some early while off the rail continuing that way in a steady 24.0, 47.3, 59.4. Cantankerous colt is seeking niche around here.---Grade: B-
ALAMO Apr 5 SA 4 :46.3H M FT    B      
Happy and energetic 1/2 with Prat aboard in 23.2, 47.1 out quite well in 59.4. Looks livelier.---Grade: B
VOW TO BE TOPS Apr 3 LA 4 48.2HG M FT    B-      
Broke in blinkers from the gate with Silent Bird & Ladies Man, never rushed in 24.2, picked it up 35.4, 48.2 pulled up 100.4.---Grade: B-
VOW TO BE TOPS Mar 27 LA 5 59.2H M FT    B-      
In company with stablemate Silent Bird was lightly coaxed along to stay even getting to the wire in 59.2.---Grade: B-
VOW TO BE TOPS Mar 18 LA 5 59.1H M FT    B-      
Was moving well in this solo 5f drill never pressured finishing under a light hand ride in 59.1.---Grade: B-
SOUL CRUSHER Apr 3 SA 6 1:14.1HG M FT       C   
Slowed late working the last furlong solo while asked for best in 24.3, 47.4, 100.1, 113.3. Stronger needed.---Grade: C
SOUL CRUSHER Mar 27 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT       C+   
Extended with barnmate Take A Risk trying utmost late in 35.4, 101.1. No change.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
THREE HEARTS Apr 11 SA 7 1:28.2H T FM    B      
Tyler up; good late rush inside Areyoukiddingme and Power Foot finishing with nice looking power for Drysdale.---Grade: B
THREE HEARTS Mar 5 SA 7 1:29H T FM    B      
Heads up with Power Foot late in 105.2, 129.1. Holds late kick; looks fit enough. Tyler up.---Grade: B
TANGELO Apr 13 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT       C+   
Had this drill slower than given in 39.0, 103.1 let run a bit with Mario aboard. Certainly needs to step it up.---Grade: C+
TANGELO Mar 6 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT    B-      
Turfer was on own speed in 37.2, 102.1 Seems the same.---Grade: B-
FANTICOLA Apr 11 SA 6 1:13.2H T FM    B      
Nice late energy holding sway over barnmate Abbey Vale in a faster than given 48.3, 112.3. Still strong.---Grade: B
QUEEN OF THE SAND Apr 11 SA 6 1:16.1H T FM    B-      
Was on own speed to the line in this relaxed solo spin for Gallagher in 51.0, 115.2. Moving along solidly these days.---Grade: B-
QUEEN OF THE SAND Mar 5 SA 6 1:16.1H T FM    B-      
Comes back willingly, reaching late in 51.4, 115.2 (23.3 LQ). Going well off the break.---Grade: B-
DIVERSY HARBOR Apr 10 SA 5 1:02.4H M FT    B      
Relaxed spin for this sometimes high strung miss breezing with Gary Stevens aboard in 38.0, 102.3. Moving forward.---Grade: B
DIVERSY HARBOR Mar 10 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B      
Much more relaxed than previous drills finishing with a rush in 23.3, 48.1 out in 100.3. Happy sort these days.---Grade: B
INDUSTRIAL POLICY Apr 9 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C+   
Modest spin nursed along solo home with a 24.3 last 1/4 mile. Like to see a step up; Bisono aboard.---Grade: C+
INDUSTRIAL POLICY Mar 11 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B-      
On own courage in this solo spin for Casse, last 3f in 36.1.---Grade: B-
HABIBI Apr 10 SA 6 1:14.2H M FT    B      
Sizey sort was just finding her stride at the wire, reaching easy with Prat aboard, last 5f in 101.1. Suspect there is some upside here.---Grade: B
HABIBI Mar 14 SA 6 1:26H M FT       C+   
One paced sort looks the same grinding along over the dirt with Misdeed in 49.2, 114.3. Maybe with longer.---Grade: C+
ARETHUSA Apr 13 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT       C+   
Grinded along in 36.2, 101.2 finishing in her usual manner. Will have to step things up in here.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
LADY NOW Apr 11 LA 4 47.4H M FT       C+   
Dragged into a fast FQ of 22.3 by stablemate Lady Comic, then wasnít asked for more finishing in 47.4.---Grade: C+
LADY NOW Apr 4 LA 5 102.4H M FT    B-      
Unhurried the FQ in 25.3, finished willingly the last 3f in 36.4 to wire in 102.2. Seems fine out of comeback race.---Grade: B-
LADY NOW Mar 14 LA 5 100.2H M FT    B-      
Was ridden along late staying in company with Ebony Princess to the line in 100.2. Okay for this level.---Grade: B-
SECRET APPEAL Apr 5 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B-      
Slightly built sort was asked along going the last 4f in 23.2, 47.4. Maybe a fit off the win.---Grade: B-
SECRET APPEAL Mar 13 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C+   
Hit a wall late while going solo, last 3f in 38.2.---Grade: C+
LADY COMIC Apr 11 LA 4 47.4H M FT       C+   
Blasted off from the half mile pole with Lady Now FQ in 22.3, was slowing late finishing in 47.4. May need a race off the break.---Grade: C+
LADY COMIC Mar 28 LA 6 113.2H M FT       C+   
Unrestrained through early splits of 23.2 & 34.4 but had nothing left and tired badly finishing in 113.2. Needs more stick.---Grade: C+
LADY COMIC Mar 21 LA 5 59.3H M FT       C+   
Rallied under pressure inside stablemate Sweet Hero (100.4) to earn a much faster time of 59.3.---Grade: C+
GREY GIRL GONE Apr 11 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B-      
Leaned on in this solo drill for D'Amato. Roan is seeking level.---Grade: B-
GREY GIRL GONE Mar 7 SA 6 1:14H M FT    B-      
On own speed here in 37.0, 101.3 guided out in 114.1. Seeking place; still willing.---Grade: B-
TRIBAL YODELER Apr 9 SA 4 :48.4H M FT       C+   
Struggled late under pressure asked home in blinkers for Knapp in 23.3, 48.4. Looks rusty.---Grade: C+
LYLA DELLA Apr 7 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT    B-      
Willing inside a mate going 37.0, 101.4 while leaned out late for Cecil. Seeking place with winners.---Grade: B-
LYLA DELLA Mar 6 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
In there trying hard for Cecil going heads up with a mate last 1/4 in 24.1. Seems to hold speed.---Grade: B-
KOHALA Apr 11 SA 4 :48H M FT    B-      
There is some stride here rider staying upright late for Becerra, last 1/4 in 24.1. Trying to find her place.---Grade: B-
KOHALA Mar 21 SA 3 :34.4HG M FT    B-      
Valdez up; was always best over All For Charity in 23.4, 35.1 guided some in 47.1. Drop can only help.---Grade: B-
KOHALA Mar 6 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT       C+   
Shoved late while clear from another mate in this modest spin.----Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
IMAGINATIVE Apr 7 SA 6 1:12.4H M FT       C+   
All out in a set of three rider on his belly late in 36.4, 113.3 on our watch for Warren. Needs to pick things up.----Grade: C+
BROKE THE MOLD Apr 10 SA 6 1:14.4H M FT       C+   
Comically large gelding was slow early with Chatterly Lover, steady late while going solo home in 24.3, 101.0. Down the line sort; Pedroza up.---Grade: C+
HAZARDOUS DREAMS Apr 11 LA 5 100.3H M FT       C+   
Worked inside of Glendas Grace urged home late finishing one back in 100.3. Expected more.---Grade: C+
HAZARDOUS DREAMS Mar 8 SA 4 :46.4H M FT    B-      
Improved speed with barnmate Selection going 22.2, 46.4 while let run some late for Gutierrez. May be more involved early.---Grade: B-
BLUE HARBOR Apr 5 SA 4 :48H M FT    B      
Smooth and easy home moving with a decidedly turfy action for Hess. Seeking place.---Grade: B
BLUE HARBOR Mar 29 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B      
Breezed with blinkers on and Desormeaux aboard in 24.0, 100.4. Going well and has always moved like a turf sort to us.---Grade: B
RODEADO Apr 4 SA 4 :47.2H M FT       C+   
Roused and ridden home in this modest looking solo drill going 23.3, 47.4. No change.---Grade: C+
RODEADO Mar 15 SA 4 :48.3H M FT       C+   
Broke inside Woody's Folly fading back under a few sticks finishing 3 lengths back in 24.2, 49.0. Expected better; was in blinkers.---Grade: C+
BIG DISCOVERY Apr 7 SA 6 1:13.2H M FT    B-      
Sizey sort was green to the line but did show some late interest in 49.0, 113.2. Drayden aboard. Clearly a router; galoot seems fit enough.---Grade: B-
BIG DISCOVERY Apr 1 SA 5 :59.3HG M FT    B-      
Slow early in 24.4, 36.2 gradually picking things up in 47.4, 59.4 (35.0 L3f). Some late interest here.---Grade: B-
VILLAGE KITTEN Apr 9 SA 6 1:16H M FT       C   
Ploddy response under pressure in 38.4, 116.0. No change.---Grade: C
SCREAMING TAP Apr 9 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C+   
Under some late pressure outside a mate in 36.1, 101.0. Inching somewhere.---Grade: C+
SCREAMING TAP Mar 17 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT       C+   
Dusted off by barnmate Travel Bound finishing under pressure in 35.4, 100.4. Racing appears needed.---Grade: C+
PASSINAFLASH Apr 10 SA 6 1:16H M FT    B-      
Best over Ernest Shackleford willing late in 37.2, 103.0, 116.0. Coming around.---Grade: B-
MILTEE Apr 11 SA 5 1:02.1H M FT       C+   
Dropped away from Fugnacious Dancer under a shove in 37.3, 102.4. Very modest.---Grade: C+
GIN RIKI Apr 9 SA 6 1:15.2H M FT       C+   
Asked for best giving ground to barnmate Malibu Wood in 50.2, 116.2. Like to see a step forward.---Grade: C+
MAGIC TASTE Apr 13 SA 4 :48.4H M FT       C   
Uphill late under pressure in this solo spin, last 1/4 in 24.3. Drop needed.---Grade: C
MAGIC TASTE Mar 22 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C   
Under pressure while fading back from barnmate Ajac appearing tired late in 36.2, 101.2. Disappointing.---Grade: C

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