Saturday, December 3
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
ROYAL F J Nov 26 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
9 year old bumped home smoothly in this solo 1/2 mile for Carava. Seemed to have picked up some weight in the last month.---Grade: B-
ADAIR Nov 20 LA 5 102.1H M FT    B-      
In hand to the top of the stretch, splits of 25.3, 38.1, asked a bit late finishing with some energy in 102.1, last quarter 24 flat. Good for this level.---Grade: B-
ADAIR Nov 6 LA 5 100.4H M FT    B-      
Moved along at a decent pace FQ 24.3, held his interest under a light hand ride finishing in 100.4. Wore Blinkers.---Grade: B-
CELEBRITY STATUS Nov 26 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT       C+   
Under steady coaxing in 102.1. Let's see better.---Grade: C+
THUNDER BASIN Nov 26 DMR 5 1:02.2H M FT    B-      
Had this one from the 1/2 mile pole in 24.1, 49.2 finishing smoothly to the line for the Hess barn. Looks fine from here.---Grade: B-
THUNDER BASIN Oct 21 SA 6 1:14.4H M FT    B-      
Target for BC bound Texas Ryano (Gaines) digging in late for Hess in 13.3, 38.0, 115.1. May prove a useful claim.---Grade: B-
TEMPLAR Nov 8 LA 5 59.1H M FT       C+   
Showed off some speed going the first 3f in 34.3, pretty much all out under a brisk ride in 59.1. Modest sort in there trying.---Grade: C+
TEMPLAR Oct 22 LA 5 100.2H M FT       C+   
No splits here but he was hard pressed late reaching the line in 100.2. Tried hard.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
FIRST HEIR Nov 19 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B      
Sharp kick in 37.0, 101.3 out in 114.4. Nice for the level.---Grade: B
LIBERTARIAN Nov 26 LA 4 48.1H M FT    B-      
Unhurried around the far turn, zipped home the last quarter in 23.2 finishing in 48.1. Wore blinkers.---Grade: B-
LIBERTARIAN Nov 19 LA 5 101.3H M FT    B-      
Under a long hold the first 3f in 37.4, was asked for run coming home reached the wire 101.3. Decent late kick.---Grade: B-
LIBERTARIAN Nov 6 LA 5 101.1H M FT    B-      
Came away from Louder California (2yo) handily ridden to the line in 101.1. Some try here.---Grade: B-
SUPER TOUCH Nov 30 SA 4 :46.4H M FT    B      
Lively and speedy spin working with energy in this happy looking 1/2 mile for Glatt. Certainly better than last.---Grade: B
KETOS Nov 23 SA 5 1:00.1H M FT    B-      
Speedy to the top in 35.2 trying hard home in 100.1. Retains early zip off the break.---Grade: B-
KETOS Nov 16 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B      
Came home willingly in this solo spin for this Sadler sprinter, last 3f in 36.1.---Grade: B
KETOS Oct 29 SA 5 1:14H M FT    B      
Caught the eye here waiting late while used at a target for BC bound Accelerate in 49.1, 114.0. Happy off the break.---Grade: B
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
PRESIDENTSKY Nov 23 SA 5 1:03.4H M FT    B-      
On own inside Atta Boy Woody going 39.2, 104.1. May like it around here.---Grade: B-
FOOLISH TO DECEIVE Nov 26 SA 4 :49.2H M FT    B-      
Asked along in 25.1, 50.0. Let's see better.---Grasde: C+
FOOLISH TO DECEIVE Oct 29 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT    B+      
Big drill working under wraps with win type He Will going heads apart in 23.1, 47.3. Very sharp for the level.---grade: B+
INFINITE MAGIC Nov 6 SA 4 :51H M FT    B-      
Fitness gallop going the last 3f in 38.1. Holding path.---Grade: B-
YES YES YES Nov 16 SA 5 1:03H M FT       C+   
Slowed home while asked a bit in a modest 36.2, 104.0. Unimpressive.---Grade: C+
YES YES YES Nov 9 SA 4 :49.3H M FT       C+   
Dull home while asked along a bit near the line. Have seen better from this one.---Grade: C+
LOS GATOS Nov 26 SA 6 1:13H M FT    B-      
Tried hard in this solo spon, last 5f in 100.3. Grinder tried.---Grade: B-
BUYMEABOND Nov 3 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
On own speed in this spin galloping along in 24.2, 49.3. Maintenance spin.---Grade: B-
ALL CALL Nov 26 DMR 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Tallish gelding stretched legs in 24.4, 49.4 never really asked for run. Holding fitness level.---Grade: B-
ALL CALL Oct 22 SA 4 :48H M FT    B-      
Was on his own speed in blinkers moving smoothly in this spin for the Hess barn. Going well.---Grade: B-
RPRETTYBOYFLOYD Nov 26 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B-      
Leaned out while almost a length up in this easy spin.---Grade: B-
RPRETTYBOYFLOYD Oct 23 SA 4 :47.2HG M FT       C+   
Asked along inside a set of three going 35.4, 47.3 doing his best going on 5f in 101.3. Hoping for better.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
RUN MACHO RUN Nov 29 SA 3 :36.3H M FT    B      
Light hold to the line in this sharp blowout, last 1/4 in 24.0.---Grade: B
RUN MACHO RUN Nov 7 SA 4 :46.4H M FT    B      
Easy blowout for this willing sort, last 3f in 35.0. Certainly looks no worse for the wear.---Grade: B
INTO KINGS Nov 25 DMR 4 :48.2H M FT       C+   
Target for barnmate Aztec Warrior roused and ridden in 24.0, 48.1. Like to watch one here.---Grade: C+
INTO KINGS Nov 20 DMR 5 1:03.4HG M FT       C+   
Slow early in 25.0 asked out in 50.0 (up there). Maybe with racing.---Grade: C+
NOT CHOPPED LIVER Nov 26 LA 4 48.2H M FT    B      
Easy going off, looked sharp coming home 25.1 - 48.2. Holds edge out of debut.---Grade: B
NOT CHOPPED LIVER Nov 4 LA 4 47.1HG M FT    B-      
Solo from the gate flashing some speed in 47.1. Decent for the level.---Grade: B-
NOT CHOPPED LIVER Oct 30 LA 5 100.1H M FT    B-      
Broke 6 back of Dixie Avenue gradually moving in behind split of 25.1, 37.2, finished with a rally under a handy ride going clear in 100.1.---Grade: B-
BURN ME TWICE Nov 26 DMR 5 1:01.3H M FT    B      
Pedroza up; breezed happily in this off the rail drill in 37.0, 101.3. Solid for the level.---Grade: B
BURN ME TWICE Nov 7 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B      
Some speed to the top in 23.2 galloping home in 48.3. Some handiness here.---Grade: B
CLASSIC RULER Nov 3 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Best over a workmate while leaned on in this steady spin. May fit.---Grade: B-
SLASHER Nov 26 DMR 5 1:03.2HG M FT       C+   
Theriot up; on the clumsy side early in 25.4, 39.3 asked some looking one paced at best late in 51.4, 104.2. Maybe down the line.---Grade: C+
PROUD SINGER Nov 25 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT       C+   
Last 4f to the 7f pole in a shoved along 37.0, 50.1. Has to pick things up.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
DR. FAGER'S GAL Nov 26 SA 5 1:00.3HG M FT    B-      
Best of a set of three from the gate taking the lead from rail in 23.2, 47.3, 100.2. Looks willing off the break.---Grade: B-
DR. FAGER'S GAL Nov 7 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Best in the dark outside a barnmate in 35.3, 101.0. Retains speed off the break.---Grade: B-
HARLINGTON'S ROSE Nov 26 SA 4 :48.3H M FT       C+   
Asked along steadily in the lane trying best late, last 3f in 36.3. Have seen better from this hard trying mare.---Grade: C+
HARLINGTON'S ROSE Oct 30 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B-      
Hard knocking mare responded to some late ask, last 4f in 48.2. Have to like her.---Grade: B-
ENTRECHAT Nov 26 SA 5 1:00H TT FT    B      
Pulled nicely down the backside in 35.1 galloping home easily in 100.0. Still a very sharp sort.---Grade: B
ENTRECHAT Nov 1 SA 6 1:14H TT FT    B+      
Classy sort pulled early in 48.1 galloped home in 113.3. Feeling good; suspect the hill is her best trip.---Grade: B+
ENTRECHAT Oct 26 SA 6 1:13.4H TT FT    B+      
Would have called this a breeze finishing under wraps late while going the last 5f in 100.4. Feeling very well.---Grade: B+
LONG HOT SUMMER Nov 26 DMR 4 :52.2H TT FT    B-      
Waited on a barnmate finishing under light wraps in 27.3, 52.0. Smooth over the turf; Talamo up.---Grade: B-
SNOW CLOUD Nov 23 SA 5 1:04H M FT    B-      
Leg stretcher for this turfer going on her own courage for Cassidy.---Grade: B-
SNOW CLOUD Oct 25 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Going well in this drill finishing under wraps with Theriot aboard in 36.3, 100.3. Solid spin for this turfer.---Grade: B-
SNOW CLOUD Oct 18 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B-      
Guided home in 36.2, 101.0. Seems to be moving fine.---Grade: B-
HOME JOURNEY Nov 18 SA 4 :48H M FT    B-      
Relaxed spin moving easily in this solo spin while going the last 1/4 in 24.1.---Grade: B-
PAQUITA COQUETA Nov 29 SA 3 :35H M FT    B-      
Speed around the turn in 11.2 trying hard in 35.2. Holds speed in this solo drill.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
MOYO HONEY Nov 19 DMR 6 1:11.3H M FT    B      
Flew over a deepish track in 24.1, 35.2 finishing with purpose in 59.0 (up there) out in 112.3. Certainly better than last try.---Grade: B
MOYO HONEY Oct 21 SA 5 :59.4H M FT       C+   
Let run through the lane with Drayden aboard going 100.3. Let's see a step forward.---Grade: C+
AUTUMN FLOWER Nov 17 SA 5 1:00H M FT       C+   
Grinder was asked for run in the lane trying utmost for Hendricks. Was hoping for better.---Grade: C+
GLORYZAPPER Nov 26 SA 6 1:14H M FT    B      
Last 4f in a steady 48.2 with Pavelski trying hard all the way. Looks good from here.---Grade: B
GLORYZAPPER Oct 29 SA 5 1:01.1H M FT    B-      
Easy side in this solo spin in blinkers in 36.0, 101.2. Holding speed.---Grade: B-
GLORYZAPPER Oct 24 SA 5 :59H M FT    B-      
Elliot aboard for this bullet spin going willingly while leaned on late for D'Amato. Moving fine out of win.---Grade: B-
BARBARA BEATRICE Nov 26 DMR 5 1:01.3H M FT       C+   
Second best to Kenzou's Rhythm asked home in 37.3, 102.4. Let's see better; Talamo aboard.---Grade: C+
BARBARA BEATRICE Nov 9 LA 4 49.1H M FT    B-      
Easy around the far turn, smooth through the lane, last quarter 23.2, at the wire in 49.1. Holds her edge.---Grade: B-
BARBARA BEATRICE Oct 18 LA 5 101.3H M FT    B-      
Again with stablemate Nothin But a Smile, unhurried along the rail in 25.1, picked it up coming home in 101.3. Holds late kick.---Grade: B-
VALE DORI Nov 26 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B      
Nice style here as per usual in 35.2, 100.2. Holding edge.---Grade: B
VALE DORI Oct 20 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B+      
Sharp right back lover this very deep track in 24.1, 100.0 (35.4 L3f). Razor sharp.---Grade: B+
WILD AT HEART Nov 18 SA 5 1:02.2H M FT    B-      
Looked solid out of last try working smoothly while moving up in 37.1, 102.4. Always tries best.---Grade: B-
WILD AT HEART Oct 29 SA 6 1:13.2H M FT    B-      
Holds form working with a barnmate and Union Strike (Ruis) at the line then went on solo to the 7f pole. Holding fitness level.---Grade: B-
SHOW STEALER Nov 26 LA 7 125.3H M FT    B-      
Went easily down the backside splits of 25.1, 49.1, 101.4, only lightly asked in the lane finishing in 125.3. Appears fit coming off the break.---Grade: B-
SHOW STEALER Nov 19 LA 6 112.1H M FT    B-      
Turned a solid 6f in 112.1, coaxed home displaying some energy the last quarter in 23.4. Holds late kick.---Grade: B-
SHOW STEALER Nov 6 LA 5 59.1H M FT    B      
Followed stablemate Big Adventure gradually drawing closer FQ 24, blew past in the lane finishing clear in 59.1. Strong.---Grade: B
DESERT MADAM Nov 6 SA 5 1:03.2H M FT    B-      
Filly bumped along going the last 4f in 25.1, 50.1. Looks ok enough..---Grade: B-
DESERT MADAM Nov 1 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Roused a bit late in 25.0, 49.3. Looking fit.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
FRANK CONVERSATION Nov 26 SA 6 1:13.4H M FT    B-      
Steady late with Bobby G in this even keeled spin for O'Neil. Holds form since last.---Grade: B-
FRANK CONVERSATION Oct 27 SA 7 1:28.2H M FT       C+   
Asked some late while best over Land Over Sea going in 27.3, 52.3, 117.0, 143.1. Better required.---Grade: C+
DIPLODOCUS Nov 23 SA 5 1:01.1H M FT    B-      
On own courage in this spin for Baltas in 37.1, 101.4. Seems the same.---Grade: B-
DIPLODOCUS Oct 27 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT       C+   
Asked along late moving up outside a mate in this modest spin. Better needed.---Grade: C+
FREE ROSE Nov 20 DMR 5 1:02.4H T FM       C+   
Disappointing drill looking very washy in this controlled drill with Arroyo aboard in 38.1, 102.3. Have seen better from this one.---Grade: C+
FREE ROSE Oct 26 SA 6 1:14.3H TT FT    B-      
Light hold with Marckie's Water working easily over the training track in 37.2, 114.4. Holding Del Mar fitness.---Grade: B-
ISOTHERM Nov 26 DMR 4 :50.4H T FM    B+      
This is a very stylish sort reaching strongly in 26.0, 50.0. Very nice.---Grade: B+
BLACKJACKCAT Oct 27 SA 5 :59.3H M FT    B+      
Mike up; classy sort made up 5 lengths on a barnmate in this clever spin in 35.4, 59.3. Think this one is a far better mover on the turf.---Grade: B+
BLACKJACKCAT Oct 21 SA 6 1:14.2H M FT    B+      
Made up a ton of ground and Trust Your Gut reaching late in 48.4, 114.0. Moving strongly; Smith up.---Grade: B+
DEFIANTLY Nov 8 SA 4 :49.2H M FT    B      
Was striding out smartly under wraps in 25.0, 49.2. Sharp spin; looks better than last.---Grade: B
DEFIANTLY Nov 3 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B      
Leveled out happily with Garcia up in 36.0, 100.4. Going well.---Grade: B
PATH OF DAVID Nov 17 SA 4 :50H M FT       C+   
Uphill under some late pressure in this solo move for Mulhall. No step forward out of last.---Grade: C+
PATH OF DAVID Oct 22 SA 6 1:14.4H M FT       C+   
Let run some here in this spin never really getting much going for Mulhall. Let's see better.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SURFSIDE SUNSET Nov 26 DMR 5 1:01HG M FT    B-      
Out straight but did not look very fast early in 24.3, 37.0 breezy out in 101.2 with Kent up. Has talent; probably best going longer.---Grade: B-
SURFSIDE SUNSET Nov 20 DMR 6 1:12.3H M FT    B      
Espinoza up; very strong home over this deepish surface in 36.2, 112.4 out around the turn in 126.2. One to watch.---Grade: B
LITTLE JUANITO Nov 13 DMR 6 1:12H M FT    B-      
Willing while guided along chasing Professor Berns in 24.4, 48.4, 113.4. Handy roan.---Grade: B-
LITTLE JUANITO Nov 6 SA 6 1:14.3H M FT    B      
Geared down late for Garcia in this clever solo drill with Q up.---Grade: B
LITTLE JUANITO Oct 30 SA 4 :48.1HG M FT    B      
Sharp gate while clear from Pamper N Boots in a speedy 23.1, 46.1 out in 59.1. Quite nice.---Grade: B
SHEER FLATTERY Nov 26 SA 6 1:13.2H M FT    B      
Went on solo with a nice late kick for the Hollendorfer barn in 101.1, 113.3. Moving forward.---Grade: B
TRAPPE THE MOMENT Nov 20 DMR 5 1:02.3HG M FT       C   
Stumbled at the break looking slow early in 24.4, 37.0 asked along late in 101.4. Down the line sort.---Grade: C
TRAPPE THE MOMENT Nov 3 SA 6 1:16.3H M FT       C   
Struggled late in this one speed spin for McAnally. More needed.---Grade: C
CITY STORM Nov 26 SA 5 1:00.4HG M FT    B-      
Willing in a big set trying late in 100.2. Seems a fit.---Grade: B-
CAUSTIC Nov 20 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B      
Caught the eye here flying down the backside while moving up on a duo of barnmates in 34.3 running clear in 59.3. Roan can run some.---Grade: B
CAUSTIC Nov 13 SA 5 1:00.1HG M FT    B      
Ran clear from barnmate Russell Cave in a clever looking 24.0, 47.0, 59.3. Handy mover.---Grade: B
ROCK DOC Nov 23 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT       C+   
Heads up with a mate in 36.0, 101.0. Let's see one.---Grade: C+
ROCK DOC Nov 16 SA 5 1:00.1HG M FT       C+   
One paced with Wise Curlin looking like a down the line sort for Eurton in 23.4, 47.2, 100.1. Chantal up.---Grade: C+
SO CONFLATED Nov 9 LA 5 58.2HG M FT    B-      
Broke inside of Another One, held his position through quick splits of 23.3, 34.4, 46.2, handy going out in 58.2, pulled up 112. Wore blinkers.---Grade: B-
SO CONFLATED Nov 2 LA 4 47.3H M FT    B-      
Appeared to be traveling slightly easier than stablemate Hidden Nile edging a bit forward nearing the wire in 47.3.---Grade: B-
ILIAD Nov 18 SA 6 1:13HG M FT    B      
Tracked and drew clear from Hoffenheim in 24.1, 47.3, 112.2. Solid steady mover looks solid and should like any added distance.---Grade: B
ILIAD Nov 6 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B      
Best over speedy mate Jeweled in 23.2 smooth late in 100.0. Nice late kick.---Grade: B
AMERICAN ANTHEM Nov 29 SA 4 :47.1H M FT    B      
Nice kick home with Leading Score working a full 5f in 24.0, 100.1. Nice.---Grade: B
AMERICAN ANTHEM Nov 23 SA 5 :59.1H M FT    B      
Held up down the backside while best over barnmate Leading Score drawing clear steadily in 23.4, 46.4, 59.3 Handy speed here.---Grade: B
AMERICAN ANTHEM Nov 9 SA 5 :59.2HG M FT    B-      
Tracked Starlite Style down the backside moving up with a nice late kick in 24.0, 46.3, 59.2. Willing sort.---Grade: B-
JOEY POTS AND PANS Nov 11 LA 5 59.3HG M FT    B-      
Between Eccentric Spinster & Mommas's Bay Boy leaving the gate, kicked away finishing well clear in 59.3. Has some run.---Grade: B-
JOEY POTS AND PANS Nov 4 LA 5 101.4H M FT    B-      
Stayed on well in this Hollendorfer threesome, splits of 25.1, 37.4, went clear of a mate holding his ground as another closed in at the wire in 101.4.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SENSE OF GLORY Nov 15 SA 5 1:03H M FT       C+   
Tail stuck out in this modest spin in 37.4, 103.2. Let's see some racing.---Grade: C+
SENSE OF GLORY Oct 21 SA 6 1:17.3H M FT    B-      
Slow spin but was moving fluidly in 51.4, 117.4. Seeking level; should like the route game.---Grade: B-
TRIBAL FIGHTER Nov 26 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B      
Light hold in this happy spin, last 1/4 in 24 flat. Have to like this one's moxie.---Grade: B
TRIBAL FIGHTER Oct 18 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B      
Nice rush under double wraps in 24.0, 48.4. Still on edge.---Grade: B
AMERICAN LEAGUE Nov 20 SA 5 :59.2H M FT    B-      
Relaxed spin with barnmate No Problem in this team spin in 35.2, 100.2. Slower than given but still solid.---Grade: B-
CHAMPAGNE CHARLEY Nov 22 SA 5 1:03H M FT    B-      
Mild finish while coming home with his head held on the high side in 38.3, 103.1. Seems better than last.---Grade: B-
CHAMPAGNE CHARLEY Oct 28 SA 4 :50H M FT    B-      
Geared down inside the furlong pole going 24.3, 50.1. Relaxed sort looks to have some run.---Grade: B-
LITTLE SCOTTY Nov 1 SA 6 1:16.2H M FT    B-      
Roan was on a long stirrup throughout this solo training track move in 50.0, 116.1. Looks fit.---Grade: B-
BEAUMARCHAIS Nov 13 SA 6 1:12.4H M FT       C+   
Target for Mister Ability giving ground under pressure in 48.2, 113.1. Let's see an outing.---Grade: C+
G. A. BETTING Nov 20 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B-      
Came home with next out winner Northern Grey moving smoothly late in this team spin.---Grade: B-
G. A. BETTING Oct 24 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B-      
Inside Odyssey Explorer trying hard in this set of three going 36.1, 101.0. Holding speed.---Grade: B-
FABOZZI Nov 26 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C+   
Asked along with a mate in 36.1, 101.0. Let's set's see better.---Grade: C+
TOP OF THE GAME Nov 29 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B      
Made up a bunch of ground on a barnmate finishing with spark, galloping well in 36.2, 101.4 out in 114.4. Moving the right way.---Grade: B
TOP OF THE GAME Oct 28 SA 4 :47.4H M FT    B-      
Light hold late moving fluidly out of very nice maiden score. Should be a useful sort around here.---Grade: B-
CHRIS AND DAVE Nov 26 SA 5 :59.4H M FT    B      
Sharp kick for this willing sort in 35.3, 59.4. Solid over this deep track.---Grade: B
AZTEC WARRIOR Nov 2 LA 6 114.3H M FT    B-      
Steady mover went evenly without any pressure in 114.3. Holds his fitness level.---Grade: B-
AZTEC WARRIOR Oct 19 LA 5 100.4H M FT    B-      
Held his interest all the way finishing on his own power 24.2 - 100.4. Holding form.---Grade: B-

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