Saturday, April 23
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
FEYNMAN Apr 16 LA 4 49.4H M FT    B-      
Got a feel for the track going off easily FQ 25, under a light hold to the wire in 49.4. Holding form.---Grade: B-
FEYNMAN Mar 17 SA 4 :51.2H TT FT       C+   
Never got much going here let run some while going the last 3f in 39.1. Don't really see a step forward though.---Grade: C+
VIEWFROMTHEPULPIT Mar 16 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT    B-      
Clear under some late ask for the Knapp barn. Seems about the same since last.---Grade: B-
CHIEF DAN Apr 15 SA 6 1:14.1H M FT       C+   
Clear from Informed Strike by a bunch but was drifting around under some late pressure, last 1/4 in 26.3. Not overly impressive.---Grade: C+
CHIEF DAN Mar 19 SA 5 1:01HG M FT       C+   
Tried hard inside Cheap O Charlie in 24.2, 48.1, 101.0. May do with racing.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
NIGHT BADGER Apr 14 SA 4 :49.4H M FT    B+      
Time was way off here as this one turned in a very sharp 1/2 mile in 23.4, 47.2 out in 100.2. Razor sharp for new surroundings.---Grade: B+
NIGHT BADGER Mar 20 SA 5 :59.4H M FT    B      
Willing spin off the break, last 4f in 23.1, 47.2 Looks fit and happy.---Grade: B
NIGHT BADGER Mar 13 SA 6 1:13.3H M FT    B-      
Tried hard to the line in this solo spin, last 5f in 100.4. Appears fit enough.---Grade: B-
MISTY'SVIEWTHEGOLD Mar 27 LA 6 113.3H M FT       C+   
Eager to go under a stout hold FQ 25.2, sprinted around the turn 36.2, 48.2, drifted out through the stretch finishing in 113.3. Dangerous speed but needs to settle.---Grade: C+
MISTY'SVIEWTHEGOLD Mar 9 LA 4 46H M FT    B-      
Plenty of energy on display wide open to the wire in 46. Holds his speed.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SPIRITUAL Apr 12 LA 6 114.4HG M FT       C+   
Came from the gate with St Ethelbert nudged along early 24.2, 36.1, 48.4, slowly inched away with some urging 2 clear in 114.4. Prefer to see a race.---Grade: C+
SPIRITUAL Apr 3 LA 5 101.1H M FT       C+   
Stay even with St Ethelbert in 101.1, ridden along the last 3f in 37.1.---Grade: C+
SHE'SOVERTHEMOON Apr 11 LA 5 101.1H M FT    B-      
Never asked for speed traveled evenly 24.3 - 36.2 - 101.1, galloped out 114.3. Seems a good fit on the drop.---Grade: B-
SHE'SOVERTHEMOON Apr 1 LA 4 46.4HG M FT    B-      
Pressed Prodigious Facts coming away from the gate, asked along showing decent speed 34.3 - 46.4, galloped out 59.3.---Grade: B-
SHE'SOVERTHEMOON Mar 25 LA 6 112.3H M FT    B-      
Kept pace with recent maiden winner Tiz a Tommy Town, steady all the way 36, 48, some urging to stay even in 112.3. Good in this context.---Grade: B-
AGENT NINE T NINE Apr 7 SA 5 1:01.4HG M FT    B-      
Willing around the turn going from the 5f pole in 23.4, 35.3, 48.1. Mild handiness evident.---Grade: B-
AGENT NINE T NINE Apr 2 SA 4 :48.4HG M FT       C+   
In blinkers; was let run on the turn in 36.2, 48.3. Like to see to see an outing.---Grade: C+
AGENT NINE T NINE Mar 19 SA 5 1:01HG M FT       C+   
Asked out a bit late with Too Much Drama trying hard with the rider down in the saddle all the way. Steady mover.---Grade: C+
AGENT NINE T NINE Mar 19 SA 5 1:01HG M FT    B-      
Best with Agent Nine T Nine appearing efficient all the way. Willing drill solid gallop, too.---Grade: B-
WONDROUS CAT Apr 13 SA 5 1:02.2H TT FT    B-      
Tyler up; looking around some in this solo training track drill going a full 6f in 49.3, 115.3. Again was in blinkers with a 3/4ths closed right cup.---Grade: B-
WONDROUS CAT Apr 4 SA 4 :49.1HG M FT    B-      
In her usual blinkers (no left cup, 3/4ths closed right cup) always under wraps in 24.4, 49.0 galloping out willingly in 101.3, 115.3. Solid with Tyler up.---Grade: B-
WONDROUS CAT Mar 25 SA 0 :00H M FT    B-      
Was missed off the tab but worked an easy solo 5 panels in 101.4. Seems a willing miss.---Grade: B-
WAT DU U WANT Apr 12 LA 5 101.3H M FT       C+   
The last 3f in 37.4 under some urge finishing in 101.3. Appears to need racing.---Grade: C+
WAT DU U WANT Apr 2 LA 5 59.2H M FT       C+   
Doing her best inside of Incentive Plan splits of 23, 34.4, briskly ridden home in 59.2. Tried hard.---Grade: C+
WAT DU U WANT Mar 26 LA 5 100.2HG M FT       C+   
Couldnít stay with stablemate Socialistic (59) from the gate, hard pressed with splits of 23, 34.1, 46.4, clearly second best well back in 100.2.---Grade: C+
CALIFORNIA SONG Apr 20 SA 4 :49HG M FT       C+   
Perez up; heads up with Warm Endowment (Pederson) nursed around the turn for Miller. Did gallop ok enough but was pulled up at the 61/2 pole and was vanned off after the drill but did walk into the van on her own power.---Grade: C+
CALIFORNIA SONG Apr 13 SA 6 1:15.2H M FT       C+   
Target for Tribal Again looking second best under pressure in 49.4, 115.3. Like to watch one off the break; Lopez up.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
PHANTOM HEAT Mar 20 SA 5 1:02.4H M FT       C   
Boulanger up; asked out lacked a strong finish. No better.---Grade: C
NICARADALIC ROCKS Apr 16 SA 4 :49H M FT       C+   
Wrong lead home while in blinkers asked some with a 24.3 last 1/4 mile. Like to see a lead change.---Grade: C+
J SERINO Apr 10 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B-      
On own speed in this 1/2 mile spin in 23.4, 48.1. Softer group can only help.---Grade: B-
J SERINO Mar 10 SA 5 :59.4H M FT       C+   
Asked some going the last 4f in 48.0. Step up needed.---Grade: C+
BLUE LAW Apr 4 SA 4 :49H M FT    B-      
Hard trying little guy breezed an easy 4f in 24.2, 49.2 while never asked. Seeking level with winners.---Grade: B-
ELECTRIFYING Apr 15 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B      
Time looks off as we had the last 4f in a speedy 22.3, 46.3 running clear from a Glatt trainee in this happy spin. Nice off the claim.---Grade: B
ELECTRIFYING Mar 22 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B+      
Big drill in here, reaching late in 24.3, 100.2. On his toes.---Grade: B+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
LEXIE ARLEEN Apr 12 SA 4 :48.1H TT FT    B      
Quickish drill with Pedroza up going on the training track in 24.0, 47.4. Feeling good out of last try.---Grade: B
ALOHA KE AKUA Apr 5 SA 4 :52.2H M FT       C+   
Carefully handled in this slow 1/2 mile going the last 3f in 39.1. Not real encouraging.---Grade: C+
OLEANDERPOLARBEAR Apr 5 LA 5 100.3H M FT       C+   
Keen interest to the top in 35.4, was asked hard being pushed home late in 100.3. Lacks a closing punch.---Grade: C+
IRISH AND LUCKY Apr 5 LA 4 47H M FT    B-      
Wearing blinkers flashed her speed 23.2 - 47. Looking sharp since last.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
ASIAN SUN Apr 14 SA 6 1:17.1H M FT    B-      
Bumped along in this spin going the last 5f in 103.3. May be fit enough.---Grade: B-
ASIAN SUN Apr 3 SA 5 1:02.1H M FT    B-      
Inched clear from Asian Moonlady in this steady looking move. Seems a fit in this context.---Grade: B-
MY SON JOHN Apr 11 LA 5 100.4H M FT       C+   
Set off at a decent pace the first 3f in 36.2, asked late finishing in 100.4. Needs the drop.---Grade: C+
MY SON JOHN Mar 11 LA 5 102H M FT       C   
Ridden hard between Woodland Hills & Maria Faustina finishing second best in 102. No change.---Grade: C
SIVALI Apr 1 SA 4 :49.4H M FT       C+   
Wrong lead to the line in 24.2, 49.0. No change detected from this drill.---Grade: C+
CAPTAIN AKERS Apr 19 SA 4 :50.2H TT FT       C+   
Last 3f on the training surface in 38.2. Maintenance.---Grade: C+
CAPTAIN AKERS Mar 22 SA 5 1:04.1H TT FT       C   
Slowed under pressure in this solo training surface move, last 3f in 39.0. No change.---Grade: C
DE KAFINATOR Apr 19 SA 4 :49.4H M FT       C+   
Tad the second best to No Minimums going 24.3, 50.0. Like to see more racing.---Grade: C+
DE KAFINATOR Mar 25 SA 5 1:04.1HG M FT       C+   
Wrong lead under pressure in the lane never getting much going for Miyadi. Racing needed.---Grade: C+
DE KAFINATOR Mar 16 SA 5 1:01.4HG M FT       C+   
Asked home with a claiming mate in 36.2, 48.3, 102.0. More finish needed.---Grade: C+
NORMAN JORGENSON Apr 19 SA 5 1:02.2H M FT       C+   
Ridden and roused late while asked for best in this slow solo move for Pender. No change detected.---Grade: C+
NORMAN JORGENSON Mar 10 SA 4 :49.2H M FT       C   
Asked for best in 24.2, 49.1. No change.---Grade: C
JASON X L Apr 14 SA 5 1:01.1HG M FT    B-      
Bit the best inside Ashley's Song in 24.4, 48.1 easy side home in 101.0. Fits in here; worked in blinkers for Eurton.---Grade: B-
JASON X L Mar 24 SA 5 1:01HG M FT    B-      
Last 4f in 36.1, 48.4 with Materialistic in this steady move. May fit.---Grade: B-
JASON X L Mar 9 LA 5 100.2HG M FT       C+   
Urged out late finishing even with Business Park Rave going clear of Quality Boy (101), splits of 24.2, 48, 100.2.---Grade: C+
INFORMED STRIKE Apr 15 SA 6 1:16.4H M FT       C   
Very weary while fading far behind Chief Dan with a poor last 1/4 in 29.2 (!). No change detected.---Grade: C
INFORMED STRIKE Mar 25 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT       C   
Faded back from Zanab (103.4) (official times were reversed) asked out in 35.3, 103.3. Like to watch one.---Grade: C
INFORMED STRIKE Mar 20 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
On the sideways side while asked some with Lopez aboard in this solo drill. Better needed.---Grade: C+
INFORMED STRIKE Mar 13 SA 6 1:16.2H M FT       C   
Faded away from Chief Dan tired under late ask in 116.4. Let's watch one.---Grade: C
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
COLD BAY Apr 16 LA 5 100.1H M FT       C+   
Old boy punched along in this solo drill giving what he had 100.1. Worked in blinkers with 4 wraps.---Grade: C+
CHANGING KARMA Apr 16 LA 3 34.1H M FT       C+   
Flashed his speed in this early morning spin, unrestrained in 34.1, not much on the gallop out. May need softer.---Grade: C+
ZNELLE Apr 4 LA 5 59H M FT       C   
Asked for speed going off in 23.3, briskly ridden home in 59. Was doing his best.---Grade: C
ZNELLE Mar 27 LA 4 46.2H M FT       C   
Blasted off the first eighth 11.1, came under the whip appearing tired nearing the line in 46.2. Horse dumped the rider shortly past the wire.---Grade: C
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
THIRTEEN ARROWS Apr 16 LA 5 100.3H M FT    B-      
First we have seen of this one, made a favorable impression on the track traveling well 24.3, 36.3, 100.3, out nice 113.1. Something here.---Grade: B-
FANTASTIC STYLE Apr 18 SA 5 :59.2B M FT    B+      
Strong right back with Bejarano aboard finishing with her usual power in 35.3, 59.2. Razor sharp.---Grade: B+
FANTASTIC STYLE Mar 14 SA 5 :59.2H M FT    B+      
Leveled out like a good thing she is in 35.2, 59.2. Big off the bench.---Grade: B+
LOST BUS Apr 19 SA 3 :35.4H M FT    B-      
Overachiever holds speed for the Sherlock barn going the last 1/4 mile in 23.4. ---Grade: B-
BEN'S DUCHESS Apr 18 SA 4 :46.2H M FT    B-      
Sprinty looker was not asked late for the Sadler, last 1/4 in 23.3. Looks willing as ever.---Grade: B-
BEN'S DUCHESS Mar 11 SA 5 :59.3H M FT       C+   
Was asked along home in this solo drill in blinkers. Have seen better from this miss.---Grade: C+
MINKS APRISE Apr 13 SA 4 :46.3H M FT    B+      
Big spin in the dark for Hollendorfer reaching like a she-devil in 22.3, 46.3 out in 100.4 out again in 113.4 out yet again in 127.4. Coming up to her best try.---Grade: B+
MINKS APRISE Apr 4 SA 4 :50.4H M FT    B-      
Light hold with Alex aboard finishing with some power late. Hard trying sort holds edge.---Grade: B-
FINEST CITY Apr 16 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Easy spin with Kent aboard in reaching in her usual easy manner in 37.3, 101.4. Nothing to knock.---Grade: B-
FINEST CITY Mar 11 SA 4 :46.4H M FT    B      
Quick and energetic all the way in 23.4, 46.2 (23.3 LQ). Filly is still on her toes.---Grade: B
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
GRACEE HUNNY Apr 17 LA 3 38.2H M FT       C   
Didnít show much life here, never really got going even as rider offered some encouragement late in 38.2.----Grade: C
THAMES VALLEY Apr 15 LA 3 36.1H M FT    B-      
Willing enough never under any pressure striding to the line in 36.1. Holds her form.---Grade: B-
PROVOCATIVE SONG Apr 16 LA 3 34HG M FT    B-      
Free running filly blasted away from the gate showing plenty of gas in 34, pulled up in 47. Has speed to lead at this level.---Grade: B-
SMART SUZZET Apr 16 LA 4 48.2H M FT       C+   
Good energy into the far turn FQ 23.2, couldnít maintain her pace slowing a bit final furlong 48.2. Better needed.---Grade: C+
SECRET CHORDS Apr 3 SA 4 :49.4H M FT    B-      
On own courage for Jacobson in this solo spin. Ok enough.---Grade: B-
SECRET CHORDS Mar 13 SA 3 :37.4H M FT       C+   
Slow-mo late under some ask going 38.2 for the 3f. No change.---Grade: C+

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