Saturday, July 20
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
MONGOLIAN EMPIRE Jul 14 SA 4 :50.1H M FT    B-      
Easy drill getting caught up with the Ellis gater Unbroken Star midway going on solo late in 25.3, 50.2 out in 104.2. Looking fit off the break.---Grade: B-
MONGOLIAN EMPIRE Jul 4 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT    B-      
Came home willingly with Mongolian Lotus matching strides with that through a 36.2 last 3f. Should be finishing.---Grade: B-
MONGOLIAN EMPIRE Jun 27 SA 6 1:15.2H M FT    B-      
Willing solo drill finishing evenly but did appear to have something in reserve late for Ganbat in 49.0, 115.1. Solid.---Grade: B-
LEADING INDICATOR Jun 28 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT    B-      
Sprinty traveler was let run some in this solo move going 101.1 while in her usual blinkers. Looks to be a fit in here.---Grade: B-
LEADING INDICATOR Jun 14 SA 5 1:01.1HG M FT    B-      
Second best in this set of three to the talented Distorted Win (Mandella) getting up after 4f in 23.4, 47.0. Solid move for the level.---Grade: B-
LEADING INDICATOR Jun 7 SA 5 1:03H M FT    B-      
Broke 3 back from Hit It Twice (Bonde) going clear when ready while kept in the 3 path by the rider in 37.4, 103.0. Quick strider was in blinkers.---Grade: B-
SUPER KLAUS Jul 10 SA 5 1:04H M FT    B-      
Grinder went a bit faster than given in 24.2, 101.4 trying under some late encouragement. Router appears fit enough.---Grade: B-
SUPER KLAUS Jun 30 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT    B-      
One paced spin in 37.0, 102.2 going evenly as per usual. Router is about the same.---Grade: B-
DEARBORN Jun 26 SA 4 :48.2H M FT    B-      
Easy pull as per usual for the Bonde barn, last 3f in 36.1.---Grade: B-
AND COUNTING Jul 13 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Ran clear from Big Impression in 35.4, 101.1 with Horse Greedy (Sadler 4f drill) going by this filly late. May prove to be a useful claim.---Grade: B-
AND COUNTING Jun 30 SA 6 1:15.4HG M FT       C+   
Tired home under pressure with She's Our Charm (McAnally) in 24.3, 48.3, 102.0, 115.2. Like to see one with winners.---Grade: C+
TEQUILA SUNRISE Jul 12 SA 5 1:02.2H M FT    B-      
Steady with Challah in this set of three finishing strongest with a last 1/4 mile in 24.2, 48.4. Feeling good; was in blinkers.---Grade: B-
TEQUILA SUNRISE Jun 21 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Willing over this deepish surface in 24.1, 49.2 out evenly; was in blinkers.---Grade: B-
TEQUILA SUNRISE Jun 14 SA 5 1:03H M FT    B-      
Set down inside Tiz A Master never asked in 36.3, 102.3. Appears fit enough; was in blinkers.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
AMERICAN ANTHEM Jul 16 DMR 3 :37H M FT    B      
Leg stretcher over the track breezing smoothly in 12.3, 37.1. Looking happy again.---Grade: B
AMERICAN ANTHEM Jul 10 SA 5 :59.2HG M FT    B+      
Nice looking move tooling along quickly outside Leading Score in a rapid 35.1, 46.3, 59.1 rider just pointing this one in the right direction late. Feeling groovy again.---Grade: B+
AMERICAN ANTHEM Jun 28 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B      
Ran away from barnmate All Good floating smoothly in 35.3, 100.4. Typically solid move for this one.---Grade: B
ADENS DREAM Jul 13 SA 4 :53H M FT       C+   
Head scratcher eased up home with a 27.0 final 1/4 mile for the Sadler barn. Expected better.---Grade: C+
ADENS DREAM Jun 20 SA 5 1:02H M FT    B      
Always catches the eye and this was no exception reaching out while holding sway over a shorter working Mandella trainee in a faster than given 35.1, 100.4. Strong looking move.---Grade: B
FLAGSTAFF Jul 13 SA 5 :59.2H M FT    B+      
Still going strongly for the Sadler barn, reaching the last 4f in 47.1. Strong as ever.---Grade: B+
FLAGSTAFF Jun 29 SA 4 :47.2H M FT    B+      
Strong 1/2 mile over this tiring surface burning around there in 23.0, 47.2. On tippy-toes these days.---Grade: B+
LOMBO Jul 14 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Easy side inside Air Strike in 37.0, 101.2 finishing in a relaxed manner (not washy--sometimes a problem for him). Comes back solidly; Franco up.---Grade: B-
LOMBO Jul 1 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT    B-      
Light hold late with Mo Reserve in this smooth team move for the D'Amato barn in 36.1, 101.3. Appears fit for return.---Grade: B-
LOMBO Jun 9 SA 4 :49.2H M FT    B-      
Rather easy here with Tiago aboard in 24.2, 49.2 with blinkers on and Tiago aboard.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
FIRST IN SHOW Jul 16 DMR 4 :48.4H M FT    B-      
Some energy to the wire in 48.2 galloping out pretty well in 101.1. Moving along fine down here.---Grade: B-
FIRST IN SHOW Jun 29 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Held clear from a separate working G Mandella trainee holding clear in 24.2, 49.3. Turfy traveler.---Grade: B-
ALWAYS FORGIVEN Jul 13 SA 4 :48.2H M FT    B-      
Moved up on barnmate Tacocat (2 year old) in this easy 1/2 mile move for the Desormeax barn. Seemed to be hitting smoothly.---Grade: B-
KING CHARLIE Jun 26 SA 3 :36.4H M FT       C+   
Asked along in this 37.0 spinning wheels some going with the rider down in the saddle all the way.---Grade: C+
DIAMOND BLITZ Jul 7 LA 4 48.1H M FT    B-      
Smooth enough in first over surface willing to the wire in 48.1. Holds edge for new barn.---Grade: B-
DIAMOND BLITZ Jun 15 SA 4 :49.1H M FT    B-      
Easy home with mate here going the last 1/4 mile in 24.4. Holding recent path.---Grade: B-
ROYAL INSIDER Jun 15 SA 4 :51H TT FT    B-      
Bumped slow and easy here for the O'Neil barn, rider just pointing him in the right direction late. Seems the same.---Grade: B-
ACK Jul 13 LA 4 50.4H M FT       C+   
A bit lethargic close home feeling a tap of the whip 25.2 - 50.4. Needs to step it up.---Grade: C+
ACK Jun 24 LA 5 101.1H M FT       C+   
Reeled in by stablemate Topgallant after splits of 25.1, 37.2, gave ground late under urging second best in 101.1. Like to see more punch.---Grade: C+
CONTAGION Jul 13 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B-      
Maintains speed going 23.4, 48.4 while finishing on own speed late for the O'Neil barn.---Grade: B-
CONTAGION Jun 15 SA 4 :49H M FT    B-      
Easy inside barnmate Meistermind going easily late in 24.1, 49.1. Holding speed off the recent gelding.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
CATALINA CRUISER Jul 13 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B+      
Powerful sort breezed with a rush late going 35.3, 100.2 out in 114.2. Looked strong as ever.---Grade: B+
CATALINA CRUISER Jun 29 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B+      
Grand looker finishing with his useful strength going 36.0, 100.2 finishing with plenty left late. Looked relaxed and happy out of NY trip.---Grade: B+
CORE BELIEFS Jul 6 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B+      
Noteworthy drill breezing clearly stronger inside stakes sort Draft Pick reaching while waiting on that one in 36.1, 101.0 galloping far clear in 114.1 out again 128.0. Far better than last try: Prat up---Grade: B+
CORE BELIEFS Jun 29 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B      
Nice power moving up and looking best outside Cajun Treasure finishing under some late strength in 36.4, 101.0. Going well again.---Grade: B
HIGHER POWER Jul 13 SA 5 :59.4H M FT    B      
Strong late determination going 35.3, 100.0 out in 113.3 on our watch. Could be this good.---Grade: B
HIGHER POWER Jun 9 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B+      
Gave Gift Box a tussle in the lane holding a head advantage late while appearing super willing in 36.0, 100.2. There is much here to like.---Grade: B+
DRAFT PICK Jul 6 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Let run a bit later trying hard while second best to solid mate Core Beliefs in 36.1, 101.0. Second best but still solid.---Grade: B-
DRAFT PICK Jun 9 SA 5 1:01.1H M FT    B      
Nice power with Joe up running down Railman in 35.2, 100.4. Grand looker appears stronger as a 4 year old.---Grade: B
MONGOLIAN GROOM Jul 12 SA 6 1:14H M FT       C+   
Last 5f in 102.1 let run along home for the Ganbat barn. Would need to step things up.---Grade: C+
MONGOLIAN GROOM Jun 9 SA 6 1:13.4H M FT       C+   
Grinded along with Mongolian Midnight in this slow motion move with Mario G aboard. More required.---Grade: C+
DR. DORR Jul 17 DMR 4 :47.1H M FT       C+   
Lacked enthusiasm in this solo move for the Baffert barn over the Del Mar surface. May need softer these days.---Grade: C+
DR. DORR Jul 12 SA 6 1:13.1H M FT       C+   
Was left in the dust by Mucho Gusto fading steadily away in 24.2, 47.4, 113.1 (5 back at the wire). Has to finish better.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SHOCKING FAST Jul 14 4 :48.1H M FT    B      
Ran down the 5f working Sadler trainee Rickey B reaching late with Garcia aboard in 23.0, 47.4. Sharp 1/2 out of debut.---Grade: B
SHOCKING FAST Jun 28 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Gave ground late to Game Winner (who is doing super these days) guided along in 35.3, 101.0. No disgrace.---Grade: B-
SHOCKING FAST Jun 20 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Target for Game Winner trying hard in 100.4. Looks fit for debut.---Grade: B-
SHOCKING FAST Jun 7 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B-      
Broke 1 up on Game Winner did dig in late while second best while flashing some determination in 23.2, 48.1. Solid in here; Drayden up.---Grade: B-
KELANI KIM Jul 12 5 1:01.3HG M FT    B+      
Not real fast early in 25.0 but started to pick things up like a good thing into the turn in 48.3 reaching home like a good sort in 101.0. Nice mover.---Grade: B+
KELANI KIM Jun 28 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B      
Speed to the top in 23.4 holding course to the wire in 47.4. Sharp over this deep track.---Grade: B
KELANI KIM Jun 15 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B+      
Espinoza up; stronger inside winner City Rage waiting some with a 48.4 last 4f. Handiness here.---Grade: B+
SUNNY DALE Jul 7 LA 5 58.1H M FT    B      
Good energy in this this solo spin going off in 34.4, handy home in full stride at the line in 58.1. A step forward out of last.---Grade: B
WILLOWGLADE Jul 6 SLR 5 :59.3H M FT       C+   
Franco up; let run along while tracking outside Severin looking a bit the best in 34.4, 59.4. Easier needed for debut.---Grade: C+
MISS AVA'S UNION Jul 6 SLR 5 1:00.3H M FT    B      
Strong looking move matching strides with a mate in 36.3, 100.0 (23.2 LQ) galloping well in 113.0. Always has shown some upside.---Grade: B
FIRST STAR Jul 14 4 :48.2HG M FT       C+   
On own speed while best over the modest claimer Bobby's Day in 23.3 guided late in 47.0. Track has tightened up; seems like a router.---Grade: C+
FIRST STAR Jul 8 6 1:15.4H M FT       C+   
Lanky router went evenly home in 49.4, 115.3 rider staying upright all the way. Uncoordinated sort feels like a down the line sort.---Grade: C+
FIRST STAR Jul 1 5 1:02HG M FT       C+   
No speed early with Bobby's Day in 25.1, 49.1 inching clear in 102.1. Maybe with more work.---Grade: C+
KARMICALLY Jul 10 SA 4 :50H M FT       C+   
Never got much going here in this early on move for the Shirreffs barn. No real step up noted.---Grade: C+
KARMICALLY Jun 30 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT       C+   
Lacked pop in the lane going a slower than given 36.2, 102.3 with Blanc up. Still seeking niche.---Grade: C+
BLUE MOONRISE Jul 12 SA 4 :47H M FT    B+      
Ran down and drew clear from Sky Jumper (Baffert) and almost caught win type Gypsy Blu (Glatt) finishing with determination in 23.0, 47.0 out very strongly in 59.3. Tail flipping was kept to a minimum this morning.---Grade: B+
BLUE MOONRISE Jul 7 SA 4 :47.1H M FT    B      
Tail flipped home while kicking away from recent winner Bowl Of Soul in a clever 23.0, 47.1. Still speedy; still tail swishing to her heart's content.---Grade: B
BLUE MOONRISE Jun 15 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B-      
Talamo up; did draw away from barnmate Carson Valley but was also tail flipping countless times while guided along in 23.2, 48.0 working to the 7f pole in 100.4. Subtle ride appears needed.----Grade: B-
BLUE MOONRISE Jun 5 LA 5 59.2H M FT    B-      
With stablemate Carson Valley travelling easier than mate finishing something left in 59.2. Doing well here.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
HOLLY HUNDY Jul 13 SA 5 1:01H TT FT    B      
Strong inside barnmate Anonymously waiting some with a 48.3 final 1/4 mile. Still looking like a good sort.---Grade: B
HARKING Jul 15 DMR 3 :37.3H T FT       C+   
Let run some chasing a worker in this turf move for the Chew barn. Let's see one around here.---Grade: C+
S Y SKY Jul 6 SLR 4 :49H M FT    B-      
Bumped along solo home in this spin for D'Amato in 49.2. Looks fine enough.---Grade: B-
PAINTING CORNERS Jul 6 SLR 3 :37H M FT       C+   
Tad washy here lacking spark in this short move in 37.1 on our watch. Did hope for more.---Grade: C+
GLIDING BY Jul 6 SLR 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
No sure where this one has been in the last 25 days but did bump along here on her own courage late. Seems fluid.---Grade: B-
GLIDING BY Jun 11 SLR 4 :48.1H M FT    B      
Going great down here appearing full of herself in 48 flat galloping out with plenty in reserve around the turn and up the backside. Getting better.---Grade: B
A LITTLE BIT ME Jul 15 DMR 4 :49.1H T FM    B+      
Full of run home with Franco aboard reaching happily in 25.3, 49.3. Small filly is best suited for one turn.---Grade: B+
A LITTLE BIT ME Jun 15 SA 4 :48.3H TT FT    B-      
Roan kicked a length clear from barnmate Bodhicitta in an easy 49.0. Always tries her level best.---Grade: B-
LADY SUEBEE Jul 8 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT    B      
Much the best outside Nolo Contesto breezing under restraint in 36.1, 101.3. Is feeling very good these days.---Grade: B
JUST GRAZED ME Jul 15 DMR 4 :49.2H T FM    B      
Much the best with Tina's Exchange finishing under wraps in 25.1, 49.0 with Franco aboard. Going well off the break.---Grade: B
GYPSY BLU Jul 12 DMR 4 :48.2H M FT    B      
Willing while joined home by Blue Moonrise (Baffert) in 23.2, 48.1. Is going quite well.---Grade: B
KENTAN ROAD Jul 13 SA 4 :48.4H M FT       C+   
Mild speed in 23.4 but was getting in late while controlled home in 49.0. Have seen better work from this one.---Grade: C+
KENTAN ROAD Jun 8 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B-      
On the relaxed side (for her) in this solo move. Holds path out of last.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
VEGAN Jul 10 SA 4 :49.4H M FT    B-      
Leg stretching move for this efficient moving sort. Looking for place.---Grade: B-
VEGAN Jun 10 SA 4 :50.2H M FT    B-      
Delgadillo up; leaned on to the 7f pole in 37.0, 50.0. 2 year old holds path.---Grade: B-
FANTASY GAME Jul 16 DMR 3 :38HG M FT    B-      
Easy gate while in blinkers smooth enough in a faster than given 24.1, 36.1. May dance in here.---Grade: B-
FANTASY GAME Jun 26 SA 4 :49.1HG M FT    B-      
Broke in good order then went on his own speed for the most part in 37.0, 49.1. Seems willing.---Grade: B-
ONE FAST BRO Jul 15 DMR 4 :48.1HG M FT    B-      
Heads up inside older Floyd Moneymaker (Brinkerhoff) in 24.2, 48.2 trying hard all the way galloping out in 101.2. Seems a fit in here.---Grade: B-
ONE FAST BRO Jun 30 SA 4 :49HG M FT       C+   
Dropped away from the Aguirre duo of Sweet Poison and Smiling To Excess under late ask in 23.4, 36.3. More finish needed.---Grade: C+
SIDE STREET DAVE Jul 11 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B-      
Workmanlike move for the Sherlock barn over the Santa Anita track. Looking for place.---Grade: B-
CLEVELAND CAT Jul 10 SA 5 1:02.2HG M FT       C+   
Kent up; no real early speed outside Flying Business in 13.2, 37.0 looking best late while guided along home in 102.2. Even-keeled gate move.---Grade: C+
CLEVELAND CAT Jun 28 SA 4 :48.4H M FT       C+   
Slow early with Flying Business in 13.0, 24.3 but did inch clear on the turn while let run some in 48.2 but was green while not changing leads on the gallop out. Learning.---Grade: C+
BIG RETURNS Jun 30 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
On own in a set inching away for the Mendez barn. Quick strider seems willing.---Grade: B-
CLUB ASPEN Jul 11 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
Staggered clear from Prince Ricky here going the last 3f in 39.1. Like to see better.---Grade: C+
CLUB ASPEN Jul 6 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT       C+   
Slowish out but moved up inside Miss Romania going 24.0 looking best in 35.4, 47.4 but went on solo never changing leads in 101.1. Hoping for more late.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
MUCHO UNUSUAL Jul 12 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Again worked in blinkers going easily home in 24.1, 101.3. Seems the same right back.---Grade: B-
MUCHO UNUSUAL Jun 9 SA 4 :49.2H M FT       C+   
Gave up some ground here to Camino De Estrella leaned out in 23.1, 49.1. Better last 1/4 mile needed.---Grade: C+
DEVILS DANCE Jul 10 SA 6 1:14.3H M FT       C+   
Under pressure in the lane slowing down with a last 3f in 38.0. Has to finish far better.---Grade: C+
DEVILS DANCE Jun 7 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT       C+   
Asked along for best in this solo 37.0, 102.2 move. No step up.---Grade: C+
APACHE PRINCESS Jul 13 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT    B      
Turfy was reaching out nicely in this clever 36.1, 100.3 move. Comes back well.---Grade: B
APACHE PRINCESS Jul 6 SA 6 1:14HG M FT    B      
Ran away from a pair of 2 year old mates looking happy and on her toes for the Desormeaux barn, galloping out well past the line. Comes back well.---Grade: B
OVER EMPHASIZE Jul 15 DMR 4 :48.2H T FM    B+      
Q up; full of beans late rolling late in 24.3, 48.2. Set for utmost.---Grade: B+
HARMLESS Jul 15 DMR 5 1:03.2H T FM    B+      
Loved this way this good looking filly leveled out and finished up in 39.1, 103.1. Is getting better, for sure.---Grade: B+
MAXIM RATE Jul 15 DMR 4 :50.2H T FM    B-      
Lazy working miss went in her usual lazy manner. Situation normal.---Grade: B-
KALLINIKI Jul 10 SA 5 1:03H M FT    B-      
Breezed under some restraint with Tizzarunner in 37.0, 103.0. Smooth for the McCarthy barn.----Grade: B-
KALLINIKI Jun 30 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT    B-      
Best over Pakhet finishing almost 3/4ths of a length up in 37.0, 102.1. Solid citizen.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
GOLD INCLUDED Jul 5 SA 5 1:02.2H M FT       C+   
Asked for utmost going clear from L'Aquila in 36.1, 102.2. Easier needed.---Grade: C+
HAIL ON HOOFS Jun 30 SA 4 :49HG M FT    B      
Faster than given while best of a set in a speedy 22.4, 34.2, 46.4. Strong in here.---Grade: B
GOLDEN MELODIE Jul 10 SA 5 1:02.4H M FT       C   
Struggled under pressure in company for Lewis. Faster needed.---Grade: C
GOLDEN MELODIE Jul 1 SA 4 :50HG M FT       C   
Modest spin here while walking clear from Freedom Ride in 39.3, 51.3. Better mandatory.---Grade: C
SHE'S SO SPECIAL Jul 6 SLR 4 :49.1H M FT    B-      
Breezed with a mate going 24.1, 49.0 out very well in 101.3. Run here.----Grade: B-
SAVE THE STORY Jul 12 SA 4 :47H M FT    B      
Strong spin looking happy while moving up to earn the bullet.---Grade: B
SAVE THE STORY Jun 8 SA 4 :48.3HG M FT       C+   
Outside Governance both chasing to older Kidmon late in this set from the gate getting up after 4f in 48.4. Maybe with racing.---Grade: C+
PURE XENA Jul 13 SA 4 :47.4H M FT    B+      
Leveled out like a real one here while clear from a mate in 22.2, 47.4. Upside here.---Grade: B+
PURE XENA Jun 29 SA 5 1:02H M FT    B      
Tracked and drew clear from Liberalism going 35.3, 101.4. Nice kick here.---Grade: B
PURE XENA Jun 15 SA 4 :48H M FT    B      
Nice move with barnmate Silent Fury looking sharp matching strides in 23.2, 47.3. Good looking filly.----Grade: B
MUSICALLY Jul 13 SA 4 :49.2H M FT       C+   
Asked some here in this modest spin for Meah. No real change.---Grade: C+
MUSICALLY Jun 22 SA 4 :48.1HG M FT       C+   
Maldonado up; speed leading the older Mark Of The Matter (Blacker) in 23.4 giving ground late in 48.0. Like to see more finish.---Grade: C+
MUSICALLY Jun 16 SA 4 :48.2H M FT       C+   
Target for the talented Ginobli going 23.3 early dropping back in the lane while asked out in 48.2 with Bejarano aboard. Like to see an outing.---Grade C+
TACOCAT Jul 13 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B-      
Tried hard with older Always Forgiven in this hard trying move.---Grade: B-
TACOCAT Jul 6 SA 5 1:02HG M FT    B-      
Held up early while tracking older Apache Princess chasing that one home for the Desormeaux barn. Fits in here.---Grade: B-
LAZY DAISY Jul 12 SA 4 :49.1HG M FT       C+   
Evenly here while in clear from Magically Honored in 36.3, 48.3, 101.2. Hoping for better by now.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SNAZZY DRESSER Jul 14 SA 4 :51.2H M FT    B-      
Easy leg stretcher for this one traveling easily. The same.---Grade: B-
SNAZZY DRESSER Jun 17 SA 5 1:03H M FT       C+   
Guided along with Maldonado aboard this slowish solo 37.1, 103.1 drill. Step forward needed.---Grade: C+
FACTORIAL Jul 12 SA 4 :47.4H TT FM    B+      
Was reaching out in this clever move reaching out in 23.2, 47.4. Strong out of last.---Grade: B+
RONALD R Jul 8 SA 5 1:02.3HG M FT       C+   
Never got much going in this moderate move for Ellis. Racing required.---Grade: C+
FORAY Jul 16 DMR 4 :48.4H M FT    B+      
Sharp kick here reaching the last 1/4 mile in 24.1. Razor sharp.---Grade: B+
CAJUN TREASURE Jun 29 SA 5 1:01H M FT    B-      
Tried hard while used as a target for Core Beliefs in 101.3. The same.---Grade: B-
EROTIC Jul 8 SA 4 :50H M FT       C+   
Let run some in this modest solo move.---Grade: C+
INSCOM Jul 11 SA 5 1:03.3H M FT    B      
Nice power here in 37.2, 102.1. Seems better than recent.---Grade: B
OVERDUE Jul 13 SA 5 1:03.3H TT FT    B+      
Full of run late, reaching like a good thing going faster than given in 101.0. Loads to like here.---Grade: B+

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