Saturday, March 2
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
LUCKY STUDENT Feb 13 SA 3 :36H M FT    B-      
Bumped along in her usual willing enough manner.---Grade: B-
LUCKY STUDENT Jan 20 SA 4 :48.2H M FT    B-      
Bit carefully handled but was not asked for run in this solo move.---Grade: B-
BLOOMING HANNAH Feb 23 LA 4 50.3H M FT       C+   
Punched her way home with some encouragement nearing the line in 50.3. Modest sort seems the same.---Grade: C+
BLOOMING HANNAH Jan 19 LA 3 35.4H M FT       C+   
Free running sort was wide open for this short spin in 35.4. The same.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
MO BOB Feb 25 SA 5 1:04.1H TT FT    B-      
Last 3f in 38.2 bumping home wit a mate giving up some ground but appeared to be traveling fluidly; best over the grass, for sure.---Grade: B-
MO BOB Jan 20 SA 4 :50H M FT    B-      
Held sway over a mate going without ask in 50.3 while pointed along late. The same.---Grade: B-
I CAN DO THIS Feb 12 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B-      
Diaz up; outside Executive Cat the duo showing speed in 35.1 finishing heads up in 100.4 with 'Cat looking a tad the stronger late. Solid move for this route type; inching forward.---Grade: B-
FALCONE Jan 19 SA 4 :48.2H M FT    B      
Always shows a nice balance to his stride and this was no exception finishing with a kick in 24.1, 48.1 out well in 101.0. Should stand the raise into winnerland.---Grade: B
TARTINI Feb 12 SA 3 :36H M FT    B-      
Pedroza up; always best over maiden mate Harper's Gallop waiting in 11.2, 36.0. Turfer is seeking place these days; Pedroza up.---Grade: B-
FAST AS CASS Feb 27 SA 3 :36H TT FT       C+   
Was asked along after entering the stretch on the wide side, finishing trying in 36.2. Maybe with softer.----Grade: C+
FAST AS CASS Jan 30 SA 4 :48.2H M FT       C+   
Last 1/4 mile under pressure going the last 1/4 in 24.3. Eh.---Grade: C+
BELLERIN Feb 25 SA 4 :49.1H TT FT    B-      
Last 3f going 37.1 working straight to the line in this solo training track move.---Grade: B-
BELLERIN Feb 18 SA 5 1:00.1H M FT    B-      
Leaned on late with Franco aboard finishing straight and steady late. Still looking decent; poking around for level.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SEA GLASS Jan 29 LA 4 50H M FT    B-      
On a strong hold just being guided to the wire 24.4 - 50. Holds edge out of last.---Grade: B-
CONFORMATION Feb 25 SA 5 1:05.4H TT FT    B      
Last 1/4 mile in 24.1 moving along with some late energy for the Cecil barn. Sure looks better than last.---Grade: B
CONFORMATION Jan 19 SA 6 1:16.4H TT FT    B-      
Some size here while let run in 39.4, 116.3. May fit in here.---Grade: B-
ASEM Feb 23 LA 5 101.4H M FT       C+   
Hard pressed to hold Ultimate Shilo after given a clear lead finishing in 101.4. Have seen better from her.---Grade: C+
ESKENFORADRINK Feb 21 SA 4 :50.1H M FT       C+   
Struggled some late while encouraged in this slow move for Gutierrez, last 1/4 mile in 25.2. Was not really striding out late.---Grade: C+
ESKENFORADRINK Jan 21 SA 4 :47.2H M FT       C+   
Cruz up; poor late while asked along in this modest solo move.---Grade: C+
CEE SAM'S GIRL Feb 23 SA 4 :49H M FT       C+   
On the wrong lead while chasing a Baltas trainee in 12.3, 49.2 with Maldonado aboard. Was hoping for a lead change.---Grade: C+
CEE SAM'S GIRL Jan 26 SA 4 :50.1H M FT    B-      
Second best to the decent Samandah giving ground in 23.4, 50.1. One shade of the same.---Grade: B-
JUST BE HELD Feb 20 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Came home with Tribals Last Reign matching stride with the last 1/4 in 24.2. Should like the two turn game.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
HELLO BUBBLES Feb 13 SA 4 :49.4H TT FT    B-      
Last 1/4 in 24.2 hitting fluidly while on a long stirrup. Be running on.---Grade: B-
HELLO BUBBLES Jan 29 SA 5 1:01.3H TT FT    B      
Was reaching out smoothly in this pretty looking spin in 24.3, 101.3. Going well.---Grade: B
MIND FOR MISCHIEF Feb 24 SA 5 1:03.4H TT FT       C+   
Second best inside Ahimsa let run in 103.4. No real change.---Grade: C+
MIND FOR MISCHIEF Feb 17 SA 5 1:02.4H TT FT       C+   
Bejarano up asked along to stay with Ahimsa in 25.1, 102.2. Need to see a step up from this one.---Grade: C+
MIND FOR MISCHIEF Jan 20 SA 5 1:01.4HG M FT       C+   
Always second best to Persephone fading back late in 35.0, 47.2 (up there) out in 100.4. Like to watch another race.---Grade: C+
CONFIDENTLY Feb 24 SA 5 1:01H M FT       C+   
Was missed off the official tab but worked 5f on the wrong lead inside Pricing looking clearly second best while let run along in 36.1, 101.1. Step forward needed.---Grade: C+
CONFIDENTLY Feb 18 SA 4 :49.1H M FT       C+   
Wrong lead under some encouragement in 49.3. Like to see better.---Grade: C+
FULL ECLIPSE Feb 25 SA 4 :49H M FT       C+   
Last 1/4 mile in 25.1 with Blanc aboard never got much going for the Cortez barn. Did expect more zip.---Grade: C+
FULL ECLIPSE Jan 30 SA 5 1:03H M FT       C   
Struggled late while let run some going the last 4f in 50.4. Easier needed.---Grade: C
MESO Feb 24 SA 6 1:14.2H M FT       C+   
Trying hard while chasing a mate in 49.0, 115.0. Still grindy, like to see more racing.---Grade: C+
MESO Jan 26 SA 5 1:00.1HG M FT       C   
No early speed in 24.4 then went along modestly switching leads late while asked home in a slower than given 48.4, 101.4. Has to pick things up.---Grade: C
MESO Jan 20 SA 5 1:02.1H M FT       C   
Never got much going while coaxed along here going the last 4f in 49.3. No step forward since last.---Grade: C
TWINKLE DREAM Feb 18 SA 4 :48H M FT       C   
Drifted out home looking below average for the Gallagher barn. Has to run straighter and faster.---Grade: C
TWINKLE DREAM Jan 27 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT       C+   
No wake up noted here while asked home with a mate in 50.2, 103.2. More needed.---Grade: C+
LA SHIRIMP Feb 19 SA 5 1:02.3H M FT    B-      
Prat up; tad second best outside Cairo Kiss going 36.4, 102.3 but was not really asked late.---Grade: B-
LA SHIRIMP Jan 28 SA 5 1:02H TT FT    B-      
Turfy traveler went in hand outside La La Land all the way in 36.3, 102.0. Finishing with plenty left; Prat up.---Grade: B-
CLAUDELLE Feb 24 SA 5 1:00.1H M FT    B+      
Best drill in a while making a run a group on unrelated barnmate reaching with a nice kick in 35.1, 100.0. Maybe waking up again.---Grade: B+
CLAUDELLE Jan 20 SA 4 :48.1H M FT    B-      
Looked fine out of last try while only leaned on home late for Sadler. Be happy to see one turn again.---Grade: B-
LADYMIDTOWN Feb 23 SA 5 1:00.4HG M FT    B      
Ran clear from a modest sort while pointed in the right direction late, last 4f in 48.2. Still something here.---Grade: B
TWICE GOLDEN Feb 18 SA 5 1:02H M FT    B      
Looked best over Rum Cake willing late in 35.3, 101.4. Progressing nicely; Bejarano up.---Grade: B
TWICE GOLDEN Jan 26 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B-      
Heads up with Toothless Wonder finishing within self in this team move in 101.3. Does seem better than debut.---Grade: B-
TWICE GOLDEN Jan 19 SA 5 1:00.1HG M FT    B-      
Faster than given outside Toothless Jay willing all the way in 23.1, 46.2, 59.1. Certainly has a ton of early speed; Bejarano up.---Grade: B-
CAIRO KISS Feb 19 SA 5 1:02.3H TT FT    B-      
Improved spin tad best inside La Shirimp waiting some in in 36.4, 102.3. Could be figuring things out; Tiago up.---Grade: B-
CAIRO KISS Feb 13 SA 4 :50.1H TT FT    B-      
Finished on own courage here with win type barnmate Tiny Tinas galloping home in 26.1, 51.1. Looking for a place.---Grade: B-
CAIRO KISS Jan 27 SA 5 1:01HG M FT       C+   
Gave ground in a set for D'Amato trying late but was under some pressure. Maybe with more drills.---Grade: C+
HOLLY HUNDY Feb 12 SA 5 1:00.4H M FT    B+      
Caught the eye again moving up with noticeable power on a barnmate. Newcomer can run some.---Grade: B+
HOLLY HUNDY Jan 28 SA 5 1:01.2H M FT    B      
Caught the eye with Franco aboard running far clear from barnmate Gadot and Spin Me A Kiss (D'Amato) in a handy looking 36.1, 101.3. Has run.---Grade: B
CHOCOLATE SPEIGHTS Feb 23 SA 5 1:03.1H M FT    B-      
Gawky sort was looking around in the lane for Hollendorfer in 38.2, 103.2. Holding fitness.---Grade: B-
CHOCOLATE SPEIGHTS Feb 13 SA 5 1:02.2H M FT    B-      
Breezed easily in a set of three for the Hollendorfer barn light hold home in 36.2, 102.4. Inching forward.---Grade: B-
CHOCOLATE SPEIGHTS Feb 7 SA 5 1:00H M GD    B-      
Perked up some in this team spin inside next out winner Big Base going 35.4, 100.1. Figuring things out.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
PAIGE RUNNER Feb 24 SA 4 :48H M FT       C+   
Still learning here leaned out for G Mandella. May eventually come around.---Grade: C+
PAIGE RUNNER Jan 30 SA 3 :37.3H M FT       C+   
On the tentative side over the surface while going the last 1/4 mile in 25.3. Let's see more racing from this one.---Grade: C+
SUPREMA Feb 9 SA 4 :51H TT FT       C+   
Lazy side with Seaside Dancer in 24.4, 51.0 inching closer late. Very big filly needs more racing.---Grade: C+
CHERISHED Feb 20 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT    B-      
Tyler up; easy spin moving up on barnmate Sayin Grace in 24.2, 101.4. Does look better than last.---Grade: B-
CHERISHED Jan 29 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
Lacked late pop while let run along with Tyler aboard in 37.0, 102.1. Step up not seen from this drill.---Grade: C+
SOOTHING Feb 23 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B      
Classy sort breezed the last 4f solo in 23.3, 48.3. Still catching the eye.---Grade: B
SOOTHING Jan 24 SA 5 1:02.1H M FT    B      
Smooth traveler went under wraps in 37.0, 102.0 out in 115.1. Still some style here.---Grade: B
CHOI Feb 22 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
Slow motion spin home in 36.0, 102.1 while coaxed along home. Seems like a router but could need softer.---Grade: C+
CHOI Jan 20 SA 5 1:02.1H TT FT    B-      
Pointed along in this solo move over the training track in 36.4, 102.1. Seeking level.---Grade: B-
BOLD MONGOLIAN Feb 24 SA 6 1:15.3H M FT    B-      
One paced spin with Franco aboard in 50.3, 115.3 leaned on but not asked late for Ganbat. Holding path.---Grade: B-
BOLD MONGOLIAN Jan 27 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
Grindy at best with Franco aboard in 36.4, 102.1. Hoping for a step up.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
MUCH BETTER Feb 1 SA 5 :59.1H M FT A-         
Brilliant spin with Mike up and blinkers on in 23.0 early reaching with power in 58.4 galloping full of fire in 111.2. Mega good.---Grade: A-
EAGLE SONG Feb 23 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B      
Sharp spin moving up strongly going the last 4f in 48.0. Continues to inch forward.---Grade: B
EAGLE SONG Jan 25 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT    B-      
Easy reach late in this breezy solo move going the last 3f in 35.4. Should handle the added distance.---Grade: B-
COLONIAL CREED Feb 20 SA 4 :49.2H TT FT    B      
Very turfy mover breezed with Rosario aboard in 24.2, 49.2. Plenty of upside.---Grade: B
COLONIAL CREED Feb 13 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT    B      
Under sharp wraps with Joel aboard in 37.0, 101.4. Turfy traveler is going the right direction.---Grade: B
SHINING THROUGH Feb 17 SA 6 1:14.2H M FT    B-      
Target for Instagrand in this set of three challenged by that one on the turn but flashed determination outside that one (albeit second best) in 49.2, 114.1. Is inching forward.---Grade: B-
RIJEKA Feb 23 SA 5 1:02.3H TT FT    B-      
Workmanlike in blinkers with Mario aboard in 24.3, 102.0. Looks fit off recent gelding.---Grade: B-
RIJEKA Jan 26 SA 4 :51H TT FT    B      
Time looks off as we had the last 3f of this drill in 35.4 striding out strongly late. Going great.---Grade: B
RIJEKA Jan 20 SA 5 1:00.3H TT FT    B+      
Big power evident here while reaching out home in 25.3, 100.3 (35.0 L3f). Going great.---Grade: B+
NEPTUNE'S STORM Feb 24 SA 5 1:01.4H TT FT    B-      
Best over Ippodamia's Girl guided late in 24.2, 101.3. Holding recent form.---Grade: B-
NEPTUNE'S STORM Jan 26 SA 4 :49H M FT    B-      
Galloped home in blinkers, last 1/4 mile in 24.2. Holding speed.---Grade: B-
BIG SCOTT DADDY Feb 18 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT    B      
Perked up out of last running away from a barnmate reaching late in 36.0, 100.4. Still looks like a solid sort.---Grade: B
BIG SCOTT DADDY Jan 27 SA 5 1:05H M FT    B-      
Open gallop over the track moving fluidly for the Puype barn. Holding fitness level.---Grade: B-
BIG SCOTT DADDY Jan 21 SA 5 1:01.1H M FT    B-      
Big sort tracked and drew clear from M Town Gem (Puype) when ready in a steady in 36.0, 100.3. Should handle the distance.---Grade: B-
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
COIL TO STRIKE Feb 24 SA 4 :49H TT FT    B-      
Tad the best inside Palermo Style in 12.1, 48.4. Holding path.---Grade: B-
COIL TO STRIKE Jan 27 SA 4 :48.4H M FT    B      
Nice style over the training track in 24.1, 48.1 rolling home with plenty left. Moving forward.---Grade: B
SANTALUZ DREAMIN Feb 23 SA 5 1:01.1HG M FT       C+   
Best over Herdsman after a slow break leaned on 25.4, 49.1, 101.3. Maybe some late kick.---Grade: C+
SANTALUZ DREAMIN Feb 17 SA 5 1:02.1HG M FT       C+   
Slow to stride with Herdsman but was best late while going a length clear in 25.3, 50.0, 102.1. Maybe down the line.---Grade: C+
PERFECT TALE Feb 25 SA 5 1:03.4H TT FT       C+   
Never got much going here in this spin for Rheinford in 25.4, 103.2. Like to see an outing of the break.---Grade: C+
BOUNCING AROUND Feb 20 SA 3 :35.4H M FT    B-      
Willing with S On My Chest in this energetic blowout. Maybe more speed.---Grade: B-
SEA'S JOURNEY Feb 12 SA 4 :49.3H M FT    B-      
Within self late in this galloping move for Hollendorfer, last 1/4 in 24.3. Holding path since last.---Grade: B-
SEA'S JOURNEY Jan 20 SA 5 1:02H M FT       C+   
Not real fluid while controlled home (Franco up) in 102.3. Hoping for a step up.---Grade: C+
RARE JOURNEY Feb 19 LA 4 47.2H M FT       C+   
Quick sprinting around the far turn came under a hustling ride earning a fast time in 47.2. Prefer to watch another.---Grade: C+
RARE JOURNEY Feb 10 LA 5 101.1H M FT       C+   
Moved away from stablemate Dude's Dude into the stretch 24, 35.3, tired a bit late being collared by mate near the line in 101.1. Like to see stronger.---Grade: C+
RARE JOURNEY Jan 20 LA 5 101H M FT       C+   
Some energy going off the FQ 24, came under pressure deep stretch finishing in 101. Wore Blinkers.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
FLOR DE LA MAR Feb 20 SA 6 1:12.2H M FT    B+      
Ran away from Show Me Da Lute in this stylish and strong move in 47.4, 112.2. Upside still clearly here; Drayden up.---Grade: B+
FLOR DE LA MAR Feb 13 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT    B+      
Dispatched Qahira when ready in 35.2, 100.3 reaching like a classy sort she obviously is; Joel up.---Grade: B+
QAHIRA Feb 20 SA 6 1:11.4HG M FT    B      
Best over Honeyfromthesouth and Speed Freak going quickly in 23.3, 46.2, 58.3 (all up there) out in 112.3. Plenty of speed still here.---Grade: B
QAHIRA Feb 13 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT    B-      
Asked some late going ground to Flor De La Mar in 35.2, 100.4. No real disgrace.---Grade: B-
SPLASHY KISSES Feb 22 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT       C+   
Second best to Toothless Wonder asked a bit in 36.1, 100.2. Step up needed.---Grade: C+
SPLASHY KISSES Feb 1 SA 5 1:00HG M FT    B-      
Best over Toothless Wonder waiting some late in this handy looking spin while again in blinkers for O'Neil. Better than last, it appears.---Grade: B-
SPLASHY KISSES Jan 26 SA 5 1:00.4HG M FT    B-      
Best over So Gucci going clear late with Q up and blinkers on in 24.2, 48.0, 100.4. Happier sprinting.---Grade: B-
PROUD EMMA Feb 19 SA 6 1:14H M FT    B      
Reaching late with Mike up, this big sort coming home with something left late. Going well for new barn.---Grade: B
PROUD EMMA Jan 27 SA 4 :49H M FT       C+   
Big filly was on the uncoordinated side here in this spin for Machowsky in 49.4. Inclined to see a step up.---Grade: C+
PROUD EMMA Jan 20 SA 5 1:00.3H M FT       C+   
Let run along home with Minstersdon'tlie trying best to the line. Like to see an easier move.---Grade: C+
STIRRED Feb 25 SA 4 :48.2HG M FT       C+   
Head turned in this modest sort gate move in 25.0, 48.4. Racing required off the break.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
SAMURAI JACK Feb 18 SA 5 1:00.4HG M FT       C+   
Speedy spin early with Miss Ricochet pulling early asked out late for Glatt. Like to see one of the break.---Grade: C+
SAMURAI JACK Feb 10 SA 5 1:04.3H M FT       C+   
Never got much going in this slow spin for the Glatt barn. Pick up needed.---Grade: C+
SAMURAI JACK Feb 10 SA 5 1:04.2HG M FT       C+   
Lifted head and drifted out home in 37.4, 104.4. Holding for straighter; blinkers.---Grade: C+
SYMPHONY IN MOTION Feb 20 LA 3 37.1H M FT       C   
Wide open in the lane last quarter in 24.2. Better needed here.---Grade: C
PALALEO Feb 7 SA 5 1:00H M FT    B-      
Improved spin working easily after showing good speed in 34.4, 100.2. Speed still here.---Grade: B-
ELUSIVE FLAME Feb 23 SA 4 :48H TT FT    B-      
Leaned on home in this spin in 23.2, 48.1. Willing guy.---Grade: B-
ELUSIVE FLAME Feb 16 SA 4 :48.1HG M FT    B-      
Ran away from Two Bear with nice determination in 24.3, 48.0 (23.2 LQ). Be running on; Tyler up.---Grade: B-
ELUSIVE FLAME Jan 27 SA 5 1:00.3H TT FT    B-      
Efficient moving sort went the last 3f in 36.0.----Grade: B-
VIOLENT BEHAVIOR Feb 8 SA 3 :36.2H M FT       C+   
Let run some in this modest short move. No better.---Grade: C+
CRAIG'S Feb 23 SA 4 :47.2HG M FT    B      
Maybe better going on own speed in 23.4, 47.1 willing gallop in 100.2. Turning things around.---Grade: B
CRAIG'S Feb 8 SA 5 1:01HG M FT       C+   
Modest gate moved with Appreciated let run some all the way in 35.4, 47.2, 100.1. Hoping for better.--Grade: C+
CRAIG'S Jan 20 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT       C+   
Under a good shove inside workers in this spin while appearing fully extended late.---Grade: C+
TRANSLUCENT Feb 13 SA 5 1:01.3H M FT       C+   
Very sprinty sort was asked along in this modest solo move for the Mulhall barn. More needed.---Grade: C+
TRANSLUCENT Feb 7 SA 5 1:01H M GD       C+   
Roused along home going solo in 36.0,101.2 out in 115.0. Like to see an outing.---Grade: C+
TRANSLUCENT Jan 27 SA 4 :47HG M FT       C+   
Some speed outside Call You Tomorrow (Cecil) in 23.2 going heads up into the turn in 46.3 (Call' continued on) but drifted out in the lane on the gallop out. Like to see stronger off the break.---Grade: C+
Horse Date Track Dist Time Surface Cond. Grade
BUCK DUANE Feb 8 SA 5 1:00.2H M FT       C+   
Was leaning out throughout while asked home in 24.1, 100.3. Decent clocking but would like to see straighter.---Grade: C+
BUCK DUANE Jan 20 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B-      
Was willing in this solo drill going the last 3f in 36.2. Inching forward.---Grade: B-
SUNSET SEVEN Feb 10 SA 5 :59.3H M FT       C+   
Unfluid spin while controlled home in 34.3, 59.4. Hoping for a smooth finish.---Grade: C+
SMOKIN B Feb 25 SA 3 :36.1H M FT    B-      
Easy short spin for the Carava barn, last 1/4 in 24.1. Looking for level.---Grade: B-
MOON JUICE Feb 13 SA 4 :47.3H M FT    B-      
Holding speed this morning in this solo spin for Oviedo. Level fits with this guy.---Grade: B-
DISCO CAT Feb 24 SA 4 :50.4H M FT       C+   
Never got out of third gear for Powell in this move. More required.---Grade: C+
AYACARA Feb 10 SA 4 :48.3H M FT    B      
Moved up on barnmate The Craic going the last 3f in 36.0. Still looks pretty good; distance may be his sweet spot.---Grade: B
JUNE TWO FOUR Feb 22 SA 4 :49.4H M FT       C+   
No real pick up here for this one encouraged home. Seems the same.---Grade: C+
JUNE TWO FOUR Jan 20 SA 5 1:01.4H M FT       C   
Cruz up; drifted out on the wrong lead while fading behind Swamp Souffle in 36.2, 103.0. Modest.---Grade: C
SPEND IT Jan 30 SA 3 :35.4HG M FT       C+   
Always second best to barnmate Princess Leia in this asked along move in 24.1, 35.4. Hoping for a step up.---Grade: C+

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